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Bort - 2017-09-05

I vaguely remember this from my early days. There was a time you Young People can't even imagine, where cartoons were shat out without any interest at all in quality or appeal. The prevailing notion was, since the little SOBs will watch anything, just crap out anything. It took until the late 90s before we started seeing children's cartoons where quality was an actual consideration.

Young Bort didn't know the name of this cartoon, only that it was the one about the guy who just wouldn't shut up. My clearest memory of this idiot is him singing "Happy Natal Day" instead of "Happy Birthday" and stopping to explain to the viewer that "Natal" is Latin for "birth" and thus more scientific. That fucker would NOT. SHUT. HIS. STUPID. MOUTH.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-09-05

In a time before basic cable, we had cartoons on Saturday mornings and weekdays between 6 am and 8 am and 3 pm and 5 pm. There were no other cartoon times. My siblings do not believe me when I try to explain that there was at one point a restricted cartoon feed, nor a time before Crunchberries.

infinite zest - 2017-09-06

My house's UHF didn't even work so no AM Fox Kids on the weekdays, just Ramblin Rod. I wasn't smiling much back then because I wanted to watch Dragon Ball Z (in all of its north american edited to shit glory) but I could go for a smile contest of my own right about now :)

infinite zest - 2017-09-06

Or maybe RR didn't reach Olympia/Seattle TV in which case what the fuck am I talking about :)

cognitivedissonance - 2017-09-06

I lived in Centralia, we got Rambling Rod and the Chuck E. Cheese Singers And Dancers. They had better cartoons than Ranger Charlie, who seemingly couldn't afford a full set of Warner Brothers cartoons to last the whole year and padded it out with expurgated Three Stooges shorts. I talked to Roscoe the Raccoon later on and learned that his wife was the third Ranger Charlie, and he was sacked for inserting pro-Planned Parenthood family planning into the show.

TheSupafly - 2017-09-06

Mostly know these characters from their segments in the older chipmunks show. They even had an appearance in the later christmas special.

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