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Desc:She is not litigating unless police dept. does nothing
Tags:Police, nurse, Cop, Body cam, RESPECT MA AUTHORITAH
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Comment count is 25
Binro the Heretic
This story came on the TV in the break room while I was having lunch. Everyone else cheered the cop for arresting her.

I'm looking for a new job for unrelated reasons, but this helps make the decision easier.

Stars for evil.
wait, what? on what grounds?
Even the comments section overwhelmingly supports the nurse, with tons of legal backup. I'm curious if your co-workers gave any rational for their support of the cop?

Are you a cop? Or work in a cop-type place?

They probably thought she was a dirty hippie or something.

Well, she IS a nasty woman, bring right & not shutting up about it.

Binro the Heretic
I live in the Florida panhandle. Does that help explain things?

Binro the Heretic
Just as an example: One time, a "Cops" type show was on and the cops were busting some poor guy who was out after curfew trying to score some drugs.

I said it was a waste of our tax dollars. The guy who was watching it said "The cops were out there anyway. It's not like they made a special trip."

I pointed out that the money we would spend on trying & incarcerating the guy would be better spent putting him through a substance abuse treatment program.

"Now THAT'S a waste of tax dollars." he quipped.

That didn't happen.

welp, five for evil alrighty
I sue them until I had a settlement that rivaled Powerball winnings.
You know how many circuit judges have been seated or are in the process of being seated since Trump was elected? Good luck.

First they came for the unconscious people, and I did nothing...

Seriously, fuck this guy. Hope he gets even fireder than the "we only shoot black people" cop.
Hope this fuck is ruined. Too cynical to think it'll happen. Fucking pigs.
nurse; 'You are doing something that is against the law!'

cop; 'I AM THE LAW!!!'
Born in the RSR

Cinq ├ętoiles pour vous.

Actually was more pissed at the supervisor/ranking officer who squats and proceeds to try and defend the behavior and goes down the "I am the law" road, basically telling her to not follow policies of the hospital, which by coincidence are also "the law".

For added evil the patient was a -police officer-. This may have been a case of cops pissed off somebody was on their turf and they wanted to fuck him for his 'trespass'. Something about different jurisdictions fucking despising each other. I remember watching a video from Tennessee where two departments came damn near a shootout for who got 'dibs' on a pulled over motorist.
Actual fascists doing actual fascist things to actual powerless people while antifa and other virtue-faggots try to out slap-fight each other for retweets.
I guess I can see how people are so scared of antifa if they can instantly know when the police in any given place in America are violating the law and teleport there en masse in an instant and annihilate them, but only choose not to because they're secretly too lazy and uncaring to use their amazing godlike powers.

That, or you're a stupid piece of shit and basically an apologist for the very people you claim to despise, as you've aptly demonstrated for the last few years.

+5 for memedumpster

There, see? You get to be one of the eagles. Isn't that so much better than being one of the rats, with all those fellow eagles whose company you get to keep?

Well meme, I'm glad you're here to be an internet bouncer while those "virtue-faggots" fight actual nazis in real life.

If only the only thing the did is left comments on a backwater of the internet like you do.

At this point you can save a child from drowning and over there on the shore will be some alt-right fatty belching to himself: "Check out that VIRTUE SIGNALLING! What a cuck!"

I can tell if it wasn't for me, you'd all have used your nonstop animosity, hatred, and inability to think critically to usher in a better world.

I, alone, am stopping you.

Stay dumb as hell.

There are no nazis in real life, SolRo, you are hating your neighbor because you're the fascist who wants to hurt people. You're just like Richard Spencer, you're just like Donald Trump, you're just like Orthodox Christians, and this is why people hate the left now.

Bobonne, when you fly off the handle in a cat locked in a car with the windows up reaction to every perceived slight, you sound like Donald Trump. You have about the same impact on the world, too. Also, every single not idiot knows by now that antifa tracks you down, attacks you at your job, and has other tactics they wont do to this cop, because they antifa are cowards who only go after people who can't fight back. Other cowards defend them for it. The world gets steadily worse.

Hazelnut, this is true. I don't fault the alt-right or the reg-left for attacking each other. They deserve what they each get from the other. Whichever one wins can be stomped out later.

Also, fuck the police, they may as well be honorary members of the regressive left. They use force to moralize against people from a position of socially unassailable hate power.

Fortunately, unlike cops, the reggies have to survive election cycles, and they wont. If only pigs could also be voted to extinction.

Also, Bobonne, what I don't apologize for is the left using the nonstop fascist tactics of the right, like all you reggies do.

You owe the actual liberals of this planet an apology, and it doesn't matter who you call a piece of shit, we all know that's an animal noise to hide your proto-fascist leanings actions.

It wont work for the same reason it didn't work for Evangelicals and Bush doctrineers, because proponents of such things are loud-mouthed idiots and nothing more.

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