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Desc:Interesting enough if you can tolerate the Vox aesthetic.
Category:Arts, Fashion
Tags:80s, postmodernism, modernism
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Shanghai Tippytap
i remember reading somewhere that MTV took a lot of its 80s style notes from the music video for Human League's "what's on your mind"

That video's from 88, though - pretty damned deep into the decade, and over half a decade after MTV launched.

infinite zest
Yeah out of sheer coincidence there's an IBM commercial on a lot recently that uses this arsthetic (in faux-early 90s CGI form) and the best way I could describe it to my partner was "Saved by the Bell", which was decidedly a 90s thing. Like, ten years isn't huge, but by that logic we'd still have had "Matrix/Y2K aesthetic" in 2010,

I saw this video a while back, it's pretty much just about Memphis Design Group and doesn't say much about some mythical, unified "80s aesthetic" that didn't really exist.
Sorry, JF, but it's true.

Yeah definitely this vid is about that particular group. That group influenced the general look that we retroactively identify as "80s". /shrug.

MacGyver Style Bomb
I always figured it was some sort of mutation born out of the 50's nostalgia trend.
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