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Desc:Matt Dillahunty points out discrepancies between kids bible stories and the unexpurgated edition
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:Bible, atheist, Christian, unexpurgated, matt dillahunty
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Comment count is 4
Corpus Delectable - 2017-09-04
If I had to choose between being a gullible Christian and being a boring, insufferable atheist like Dillahunty, I'd choose the former. He thinks it's clever to pick a book from 80 years ago, written by a children's author? Huh. You pick through dumpsters, you find trash. Who knew?

I've sat through an episode of his show, live. The cast and crew outnumbered the audience. And the audience were more interesting.

***** for the atheism PR disaster that is this bottom feeder.
Hooker - 2017-09-05
The "atheist community" is a weird world I cannot relate to. Being an atheist is the most boring, pointless thing to form a community around. Atheism takes up sheer minutes of my life per month, if that much. It's like forming a club around a shared disinterest in golf.

I understand for a lot of people this is helpful for finding foundation after leaving Christianity (or any other religion) and finding like-minded people after possibly being disowned by your former family and social group. But eventually, you need to move on from your break from religion.

SolRo - 2017-09-05
Well religion is not quite as benign as golf.

See, religion is widely used to scam people out of money and to justify denying 'the heathens' basic rights (or life). When religion is seen in that way, it's only natural to want to push back against its spread and influence.

StanleyPain - 2017-09-05
I like how Dillahunty can routinely appear, for years, on a public access program about religion where callers routinely defend child abuse, defend killing gays, defend enacting a theocracy to eliminate the non-religious, defend the denial and removal of virtually all science out of schools....but yeah, Matt's actually the problem.

All that posturing and concern trolling must get exhausting, you folk.
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