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Desc:The liberal media has a new enemy: Doug Baxter
Category:News & Politics
Tags:onion, infowars, clickhole, patriothole, doug baxter
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Comment count is 5
How do 90% my podcasts & youtube videos have ads from the same few companies?

I'm forever boycotting Ghost Mattresses, Rawbooks, Money Simple, Goodbye Fresh, etc. Just out of spite.
You're gonna boycott the advertisers who help keep small creators in business...?

Makes sense to me!

my partner has been really depressed and tried out that Blue Apron. What a load of crap. More packaging than food, tiny portions, takes as long as preparing an actual meal except you are starved when you are done.

That said, I'm glad they don't care what you say as long as you hit the key words.
Also they have a habit of not paying their employees.

Can't wait to hear his exposes of Casper mattresses and Adam&Eve.
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