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Desc:If this pharmamaphuckface didn't already make you wanna pull you hair out...
Tags:hair, Hillary Clinton, gimme hair, hairy legal terminology
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 22
And he's in jail.

He thinks he's rich enough that the law doesn't apply to him. Irony being is that he's mostly right. But he's nowhere near rich enough to mock the law at the same time as he's on trial and get away with it.
The only reason this guy is even anywhere near jail/prison is because he stole money from other walking sacks of shit like himself which transgressed the unwritten law. If not for that, no one in the judicial system or his industry would even give the smallest shit and that's really what the media at large should be discussing.

Apparently he didn't actually steal money in sum total. He shuffled money around illegally but his clients didn't end up losing money.

Some other aspects: he's from working class immigrant stock and he plays up his "self-made man" card too heavily with the old money that made his life possible. He's also incredibly sloppy about waving his wealth around in absurd ways, he has had a video feed with his adoring fan girls for some time, and he dresses and acts like a slob. His problem is Donald Trump's problem: he's not wealthy enough to behave like he does with impunity, and he pisses on shoes that he doesn't fully comprehend. Shkreli is the thankless freeman playing Trimalchio in the Emperor's court, and that is not a good thing to do.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
The social conflict we're we're seeing. teabagger vs antifa and blm, mra vs feminist, whatever. They seem misguided to me.
It *should be* the elite super-wealthy vs *everyone else*. Imo, if we were sensible, we would have the modern equivalent of the French revolution happening.
Currently, global wealth inequality is higher than it *ever* has been in human history, higher then in France during the reign Louis XIV for example.
Also globally, national sovereignty and democratic structures are being overpowered by huge multinational corporations.
It definitely is in the interest of the elites to have the general population bickering amongst themselves over non class/wealth divides. Reminds me a bit of how the elite plantation owners of the south US used slavery and racism to placate their extremely poor white non-slave workers. Despite extremely poor conditions and massive inequality between themselves and the landowners, at least they had the black slaves to look down upon.

That's always what it's about. Americans would always rather have the slim, extremely unlikely chance of becoming fabulously wealthy that the mundane possibility of everybody becoming comfortable.

Mister Yuck
The Shkreli prosecution really shows how fucked our justice system is. The truly outrageous crime he committed, price gouging life saving drugs, is perfectly legal and commonplace. But because this guy is embarrassing to powerful people, because he's a cartoon embodiment of the greedy horseshit at the heart of the drug industry, because it's an embarrassment to Congress and the justice system that blatant profiteering isn't illegal and they're too corrupt and inept to make it so, he's going to jail. It's just sad that even when the law goes after the right people, for once, it's for all the wrong reasons.
Mister Yuck
That said, it's some sweet schadenfreude to see this guy get fucked.

He will go to a white collar prison where he gets three squares and watches movies all day.

For now he's in a regular prison, which has lots of complaints about having poor conditions.


Scrotum H. Vainglorious

Big ass article on how Rod Blagojevich is doing in a "Club Fed". It may not be Pelican Bay prison but it certainly doesn't live up the stereotype of eating squares and anal love on demand.

Space Odin
I can sorta see this guy heading down the Aaron Hernandez path to glory.
Even if they serve ham in prison, he won't be able to eat it, because he's an ugly dummy.
blue vein steel
5. Now..... .... ... ... SLEEP!!!!

All for you!


Come on you fake news lying by omission hacks, just say it out loud.

"Martin Shkreli Is Jailed for Seeking a Hair From Hillary Clinton"

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/13/business/dealbook/martin-sh kreli-jail.html

Open class hostility against the poor by the rich now entering decade 435? Yaaaaaaawn.

Dare say something 0.0000000000000000000001% as bad as you all say constantly about every single political opponent you have? Jail.

There is no class warfare, the poor surrendered long ago and decided to be cultural bigots instead, like cattle.
infinite zest
It's true that folks (including myself, though I submitted this before the bail actually got revoked, personally thinking that it wouldn't actually lead to anything much at all) WANTED him in jail simply because he's a price-gouging asshole, the trial itself had nothing to do with that and entirely to do with securities fraud and embezzlement, which is illegal. If I remember correctly it was assumed he'd probably do time anyway with the two guilty verdicts a month ago.

And while I agree that you hear weird shit slung all the time at Trump, Obama, you name it, I haven't really seen anything more exterme than a vague "I wanna kill/harass (insert political figure here)" or "somebody should kill/harass" etc. whereas this is a bounty given from someone who's not only under the legal system's eye, but from someone who probably uses $5,000 in the time most of us wake up and brush our teeth and brew coffee. And a bounty's a bounty, and if someone were to jump the turnstile and run for Mrs. Clinton's head, with weapon (scissors?) brandished or not, we all know what the fucking outcome would be for that person.

So yeah, it was the hair thing that got him locked up, but we all know he's a smart guy and wasn't innocently making a political point but instead seeing what he could get away with, and he crossed a line when he incited violence and an offer that many of the very people affected by business practices such as his simply can't refuse.

Also, he said this WHILE AWAITING SENTENCING FOR HIS CONVICTIONS. Of ALL the times to not try a cocky move like that, this is the time to be on your best fucking behavior.

Whatever gets you through the night, man.

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