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Desc:Republican weasels let China fuck us
Category:News & Politics
Tags:60 Minutes, Charlie Rose, trump, steve bannon
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Comment count is 10
Genuinely worth watching, despicable as he may be.
And everyone should spend a few hours reading /pol/, just to see what a blight of worthless shit it is.

Why? He runs a neo nazi zine out of his house. That's it. We only know his name because putin wanted to destabilize US foriegn policy.

lol remember when he thought he could order around the JCoS and was laughed out of the room with the line "You're not in my chain of command."

Yeah I'm sure this is worth the watch.

This guy should be getting zero press.

Exposes him as barely literate. Words flow in but he only reads what he wants to read. Say what you will about Karl Rove, but he was at least a competent politician who didn't freeze in the spotlight of somebody else's ideas. Go to Schick-Schadel and get yourself cleaned up, you messy drunk.
Maggot Brain
Bannon strikes me as the kind of kid who was supper into Lord of the Rings, has read The Silmarillion front to back, knows everything there is to know Tolkien. However, the minute you ask him about anything that isn't Lord of the Rings he just kind of breaks down.

That's Emcee Karl Rove to we hype-plebes.

Steve Bannon may be a worse Bill Murray character than Garfield. He is amazingly good at using the most words to say nothing. He responds to every question in word salad corp-speak. It seems to work like this...

1.) Receive question.
2.) Draw random nouns from random noun pool of buzz-labelled detractors.
3.) Blame random nouns for whatever the question was about.
4.) Present word salad as higher ideal.
5.) Throw an anecdote about something random and meaningless.
6.) Repeat for followup question.

He is astonishingly incoherent. He is either postmodern as fuck, or drunk as usual.

Also, once again, Engel's immigration opinions shows up in the Trump administration.

He's like a monosyllabic Thomas Friedman.

I was surprised how dumb he came off as in the interview. Not sure why I assumed some increased level of intelligence.

Speaking of letting Republicans fuck us: good thing crooked Hilldawg wasn't elected and we sent a message to the Democratic party!

https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/over-libera ls-objections-supreme-court-says-texas-need-not-draw-new-districts -now/2017/09/12/c6287b0c-981c-11e7-82e4-f1076f6d6152_story.html?ut m_term=.2130625d426e&wpisrc=nl_az_most&wpmk=1

Supreme court, by one single vote, rules that Texas doesn't need to undo gerrymandering for 2018. It's amazing how so many people say voting Democrat is a betrayal of principles were the same ones saying we couldn't do anything as long as gerrymandering was in place.

Oops. Turns out presidential elections matter!
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