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Desc:Just remembered that this movie exists, all is better now
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:rutger hauer, bigger guns, split second
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Binro the Heretic
One of my favorite cheese-fests!

It's also got Pete Postlethwait & Michael J. Pollard!
Hah, had a convo about this movie the other night.
I remember watching this late at night on cable. I love B-movies, the weirder the better.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Oh man, I was in high school in the time after this came out and all the gaming nerds in my school were fucking OBSESSED with this film. Watching it was almost a right of passage, in a way. An initiation into the nerd circle.

Hell, when I got my first sound card, I even took samples from this very sequence.
I really enjoyed this movie until the end, which seemed like a lame-ass cop out. Like, there was another 20-30 minutes of the movie unfinished or something and they just kinda released what was finished.
Hegemony Cricket

The director, Tony Maylam's, first major motion picture was 1981's The Burning, with a co-story credit by then 29-year old, and first-time producer, Harvey Weinstein.

After directing Split Second, written by a 23-year old man who would go on to architect the Fast & Furious universe, Maylam would not produce anything for nine years -- breaking a steady two decade career of something every 2-3 years. WHAT HAPPENED, TONY?!?

Tony would then both write and direct his 2001 comeback "Phoenix Blue" about an eponymous fictional pop musician who is setup for a heist or something.

Creatively invigorated, Tony would return three years later with his "Victory By Design" series of car documentaries; building to a fevered crescendo with 2006's, "Marque of a Legend: Cars."

But apparently crimeish thrillers with american-style police copping was Tony's true calling, leading to 2008's euro money funded/vaguely Italian "Journal of a Contract Killer."

I'm assuming that he called it quits after making that film at the age of 69 and is now a happily doddery 74-year old living in either a comfortable flat in London or some countryside hobbit hole telling stories about how much cocaine blah, blah, hooker, blah -- because that's a happy ending and I need those right now.
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