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Desc:It's a little different...
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:60s, germany, animation, wtf, I Dream of Jeannie
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hi mister bunny
Comment count is 5
Bort - 2017-09-14
Here, have an episode of German "Hogan's Heroes". Despite what "Community" taught you, they don't call it "Hogan's Villains", they call it "Ein Kaefig Voller Helden", ("A Cage Full of Heroes"):


This is the Nimrod episode, where Hogan saves Klink's life by making everyone think Klink is the Allied super-spy Nimrod. (I say Nimrod is actually Burkhalter.)
MongoMcMichael - 2017-09-14
German Captain Nelson pays more attention to Jeannie than American Captain Nelson ever did. He knows a good thing when he sees one.
Born in the RSR - 2017-09-14
I thought they were married, or was that the one with nose-wiggler?
Bort - 2017-09-15
That was the one with the nose-wiggler. On "Bewitched", the premise of the pilot episode is that they are newlyweds and Samantha has just told Darren that she's a witch.

Jeannie, on the other hand, caused Major Nelson's break-up with his shrewish fiancee in the pilot episode, and spent much of the series pursuing him. Major Nelson was an idiot who rejected the advances of a very willing very beautiful woman who could grow additional breasts and vaginas anywhere he wanted, but eventually they got married.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-09-15
My mother hated "I Dream of Jeannie" because her name is "Jeannie" and it brought back memories of schoolyard teasing. I was subsequently forbidden from watching it, and I have almost no concept of what it's about.
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