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Desc:Because we can't get enough of children with weird medical conditions
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:documentary, England, skin, special people, Harlequin ichthyosis
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People with HI living long enough to pose for the preload image group shot: Modern medicine, for all you can grumble about the greed of pharmaceutical companies and other such greedy bastards/problems, is pretty great.

I made it to 37 a few days ago. I might just actually make it to, and past, 40, something I was told flat-out would be very much up in the air back in my mid-20s. I still remember the early days of POE, when we were discussing some HI patient's story, and everyone was so happy that HI patients were actually living past infancy these (those) days.

Good stuff.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
These are for you.


marveling at this stuff on here is many-sided, and i'm glad poe generally hasn't gone full chaotic evil. most of the horror tag on a lot of these things for me (aside from five star evil gawk factor) is thankfulness that most of us are spared the banal everyday existential terror of dealing with health uncertainty. and wonder/envy that these people have the chutzpah to function in the outside world when a lot of the internet general populace gots basement disease for no discernible reason.

fight the good fight bobs. at least you'll probably be able to get on the short list for early cyborg-dom.
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