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Desc:Like a couple kids making dinosaur noises
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:cat fight, Bobcat, lynx, RRRREEEARRRGGGHHH
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Giga Flan
Comment count is 6
Not to discount the gravity of the drama at play, but this sounds like seven years olds "playing godzilla" in their bedroom.

5 stars for making me chuckle, minus 1 star for the camera operator surviving unscathed. Learn how to focus cameradad.

Wonder how long until "RRRREEEARRRGGGHHH" will be a linked tag
If domestic cats can sound like babies crying then bobcat/lynx sound like preadolescents having a temper tantrum.
Isn't it actually just kids yelling at each other in the back yard and someone edited this video to perfection?
Best impression of the Lucille Ball/Bea Arthur scene from "Mame!" I have ever seen. Uncanny.
Gentlemen, there is your Bigfoot right there. Cats make Hella weird noises. Hicks in the woods get Hella drunk and hear this shit.
Robin Kestrel
Whaddya mean we gotta talk to this lynx? The last monster we talked to ate half of the party!
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