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Desc:‘It’s a bogus story sold to adults’
Category:Religious, Business
Tags:atheists, ken ham, kentucky, Ark Encounter, government subsidized
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Comment count is 6
I remember seeing pages from a Red State sponsored/enforced textbook that had a chapter that said something like "No one knows what causes electricity because miracles and shit." So I can't even describe the feeling of negativity I have towards this monument to human ignorance. :D
$40 dollars plus 10 for parking. That's a steep price for a shitty theme park.
Maggot Brain
Looks like a North Korean tomb from the outside.
infinite zest
I live about a mile from this big Jesus RV camp that I think is also just a regular Jesus Camp. It's huge and I think it's gated but they've been building an Ark there for as long as I can remember, and you can see it from the street now. It's not a Museum or anything but maybe I'll try to do some investigating, since I bike by it every other day.
there's a not-insignificant chance they're building an ark because they actually think a global flood is coming. just saying.

infinite zest
Yeah I it's Evangelical so naturally that's what it's for; it's basically a small cheap version of this but I have no idea what's inside or why it wasn't ready for the 100+ days of rain we had in 2017 (so far).

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