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Desc:This vault holds a lot of money.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:fight, Superfriends, wtf, dude thats not magic
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Comment count is 16
"Wrong, Luthor! We're as alive as we ever were!" And then they run away.
Batman sounds kinda like your friend's cool dad who hasn't smoked pot in 20 years but just this once
Wait, The Riddler knew magic? Why didn't the Green Lantern just turn everyone into money?
Rodents of Unusual Size
Yes, Wonder Woman loves kicking balls WE KNOW OK
"Oh yeah, Superman can fly. Shit."
Syd Midnight
Batman effortlessly masters the arts of sorcery, like the helluva guy he is
I swear, its like they don't even remember who they're fighting. They've got superpowers, morons.
So the Riddler is a magician now? And Lex Luthor thinks dropping Superman into a vault of money is going to stop him? WTF indeed.

This isn't some Adult Swim jokey thing? This is an actual episode?

Oh my god.
The best part is the trail of money that follows Superman as he flies out of the vault
Mayberry Pancakes
Why were the gold coins apparently on top of the dollar bills? Also, since when does a lasso get to be a cage?
Seriously? He can just fucking turn people into money by pointing at them? Why do they even need the rest of the team?
Pie Boy
Because he is weak against yellow. No shit.

Is Luthor now useable money? Do they take him into a bank? Don't do it Superman! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS!
There's some confusion here, so here's the deal. In the 1970s especially, cartoons were super-careful about not showing violence, or really anything that might at all be frightening to children. Thus, this team of heroes wasn't the Justice League, the producers at some point changed the name to "The Superfriends". (Not that there aren't hints of the change here and there, like how the narrator used to describe the Hall of Justice as "the Hall of the Justice League".) And in the first season, every single villain was a well-meaning scientist who was trying to improve the world via some insane dumbass plan.

So how do you make Batman and the Riddler fight? Batman can't punch the Riddler, and the Riddler can't pull some elaborate scheme where Gotham is going to be destroyed by fighter jets and/or poison gas. So let them fight in some way that doesn't actually result in physical injury, in this case, magic wands. Ditto with caging the bad guys with Wonder Woman's lasso.

Green Lantern turning people into dollar bills, though ... in an early comic book adventure, Green Lantern accidentally turned his Eskimo sidekick, Pieface, into a seagull (he dreamt about doing it and therefore it happened). Which makes me wonder why Green Lantern didn't do that to all his enemies. Doctor Polaris ... ? Seagull. Sonar ... ? Seagull. Just sort of let the rumor get out that Green Lantern is turning all his enemies into seagulls (nothing that can be proven of course so GL is legally in the clear), and the next thing you know Mongul will scrap his plans to build his engine in Coast City.
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