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Desc:The game walkthrough too adorable not to post.
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:cuphead, labor of love, 1930s animation
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Comment count is 21
Looks great, totally my thing, can't afford to plonk $300 on whatever system carries this game.
Pretty sure it's like $20 on PC. Could be wrong.

Game's great. Looks awesome. It's like Ghost & Goblins level hard though

I can happily name most of the cartoons referenced here, though. Just by rote knowledge.

Farm level: "Little Red Hen"
Forest slime level: "Funny Little Bunnies"
First sky level: "Musicland"
Giant flower level: "Flowers and Trees"
Bug dancehall level: "Mr. Bug Goes To Town"
Candy dreamland level: "Candy Carnival"
Amusement park: Hard to tell but I think it's a shout out to Koko the Klown cartoons.
Arabian nights level: "Popeye Meets Ali-Baba"
Dragon sky level: Looks some aspects of "Water Babies" but maybe not.
Birdhouse sky level: "Pedro the Plane"
Bee level: "The Bears and the Bees"
Pirate level: Pretty much all Popeye cartoons.
Theater level: "Mickey's Mellerdrama" but the boss looks like Olive Oyl
Rat level: Gosh that rat looks like Mortimer Mouse.
Robot level: "The Mechanical Monsters"
Mermaid level: "King Neptune"
Ghost train: "Swing You Sinners"
Casino dicehead boss: That guy sure moves like Honest John from "Pinocchio", doesn't he?
The Devil: Sits on a throne like Hades in "The Goddess of Spring" but clearly one of his imps from that same cartoon. God, I love "The Goddess of Spring". And his final form looks like Chernobog from "Fantasia".

I am sort of the Rainman of pre-war cartoons, I think.

Actually the forest level is more "Babes in the Wood", but I like how they took the Dragon Quest slime and made it Disneyfied.

There's a really great remaster of "Goddess of Spring" up on Netflix right now if you want to see it without the artifacting of the Youtube rips.

I'm playing it on a 5 year old laptop with an onboard video card and it runs like a dream.

Good to hear, I'll have to get it.

The Mothership
This looks like a fun game.
blue vein steel
played it last night for the first time. It looks amazing. Gameplay is essentially Contra/Metal Gear

blue vein steel
*Metal Slug

Caminante Nocturno
-1 star because it didn't include the game's most challenging boss, the tall cylinder in the tutorial.

The design of this game is just the best
BEWARE: utterly charming and totally addictive, I can't stop.

Please help me
I've played a little bit of it. It's challenging, but fun. The gameplay reminds me a bit of Contra.

If nothing else, the game is pure eye candy. You are literally playing a hand drawn cartoon. It's amazing.
Kid Fenris
The main character's laser shots take away from the classic cartoon look. It's like they gave Beans the Cat at plasma rifle.
yeah i kinda expected them to use marbles like mickey mania or whatever that old game was, but i'm assuming there was a reason for plasma fingers as this looks like an intense labor of aesthetic love

I assumed it was hot water, a reasonable thing for a cup headed being to be capable of summoning.

This does look great. Between this and Hollow Knight, the hand-drawn look is killing it right now.
Also, the music is fucking fantastic!

Some of these characters need to be inflated. Badly.
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