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Tags:norm macdonald, cocaine, Candyman, Tim Allen
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Oof, please go away, person named "SJWFeels".
That guy
I'm going to have to disagree with you about whatever you're reacting to here, coggy d.

This is why nobody likes you, cognitive. Go back to your angry tweeting.

That guy
I'm going to have to disagree with you about whatever you're reacting to here, Enj.

I'm not in Poet-V to be liked.

cogg diss breaking the prime directive...

The prime directive makes a nice whooshing noise as it flies past.

That guy
I like you anyway, coggy. Deal with that shit.

I also like cogg diss, and that guy too. AWWWWW!!!!! BROS! OR SISTAHS!

Five stars for me!

Cog is good and people who dislike cog are bad.

blue vein steel
is that Jim Downey sitting in the middle?
This clip doesn't have the best exchange from this sequence in it:

Tim Allen: "Tragedy, plus time, equals comedy"

Norm: "Listen to Mr. Candyman over here! He got a lotta i-deas. But he ain't got a lotta coke! You weren't sentenced for six-hundred-fifty grams of i-deas."

The fact that he's getting laughs, even nervous ones, out of Tim Allen by doing an impromptu bit on him being sent to jail for dealing cocaine is amazing.

Also, we need to get Norm's brother on this show somehow. That must happen. Norm's brother Neil is a senior correspondent for the CBC's flagship news show. I mean seriously, we have two brothers; whose lives are seeming opposites of each other, but who's chosen careers both seem to stem from the same gift of insight and communication. You throw in a priest and a patricide and you've got a Cancon Brothers Karmazov.
I feel both good and bad that this is the first time I've heard about Norm's brother. Norm feels like an accidental genius.

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