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Desc:Lace that bitch up & wear it.
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:Democrats, FDR, leadership, UVa, Miller Center
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Comment count is 22
That guy - 2017-10-14
$11 a week!? What is this, socialism???
Cena_mark - 2017-10-14
The problem with the Democratic Party is that it's full of Republicans.
SolRo - 2017-10-14
Actually the problem with it is that most of its voters don’t vote.

Bort - 2017-10-14
Not even FDR would have met modern purity tests. Lord knows people would have considered the Emergency Banking Act as big a betrayal as TARP, and take a look at the mansion FDR lives in! (Ain't it funny how FDR's biggest fans these days think we should have done things Hoover-style and just let the banks collapse. Show me an FDR fan who hates TARP and I will show you a fucking retard.)

FDR was also lucky enough to have a Congress where the Republicans didn't filibuster, not even a single time as far as records indicate. Sure is easy to sign good legislation into law when good legislation crosses your desk. So, who exactly hires Congress anyway? Because I think the buck ultimately stops there.

Nominal - 2017-10-15
Things are too bad now to even pretend to joke with Cena Homer's parroted stupidity.

Fuck you and everyone else who thinks like you. A ton of damage is going to be caused by this administration that we might never pull out of. So much misery all so idiots can act like smug assholes.

Three times in as many months we came close to the ACA being repealed which would have led to tens of thousands of avoidable deaths a year. A single senate vote would have tipped it. Which party's members supported the repeal 0% of the time and which supported it 94% of the time? Think about that the next time you boast how you're so above participating in the system, you goddamn too stupid to breath idiot.

memedumpster - 2017-10-15
"Things are too bad now to even pretend to joke..."

Oh man, you are so wrong about that one. The invigoration of comedy comes from the fertile soil of self-inflicted disaster. There are no greater examples of self-inflicted disaster right now than the two party system, both of which have disconnected from reality and are participating in a shared death hallucination we all jokingly call "the culture war."

We are going to spend decades pissing on their shallow graves with the jokes, because the actual oppressed people you all throw under the bus constantly to show how you are the most abused president voters in political history, like Tiny Tim and Donald Trump are the same person, deserve some laughter at your expense.

Oscar Wildcat - 2017-10-15
Ours is not to reason why,
ours is but to quip or cry.

Cena_mark - 2017-10-15
I voted for Hillary. I just didn't like it. Sorry, I'm not Lena Dunham nor do I work for Goldman Sachs, so I wasn't excited about her noeliberal bullshit. We have Trump in office cause of dinks like you who claimed Bernie was too radical. Bernie would have won.
Cena_mark - 2017-10-15
Meant as a reply to Nominally not smart.

Cena_mark - 2017-10-15
You killed those people by not voting Bernie in the primary.

Space Odin - 2017-10-15
Jim Webb would have won and he would have won wearing a necklace of Vietcong ears

Cena_mark - 2017-10-15
Hillary was so shitty and unlikable that people took their chances with Trump. Fuck Hillary and Trump. Bernie would have won.
Bort - 2017-10-15
Exactly which demographic was so in love with Bernie that they would have beaten a path to the polls? White people? They were all in for Trump. Blacks and Hispanics? They were all in for Hillary.

Depending on the polls, only 20%-30% of the country identifies as liberal or progressive. That's not enough to win elections. Bernie would have been supported by us Hillarybots because we are sane, true. But beyond that, I think you drastically overestimate how much the country is calling out for a socialist atheist Jew from New England whose wife committed bank fraud.

As for single payer -- Bernie's signature proposal -- single payer was demolished 79% - 21% in Colorado. Wow. Funny how support for single payer evaporates as soon as people begin to realize how expensive it is (and will be until we fix medical costs (which Bernie has no interest in doing because he's a cult leader with little genuine interest in the good of the country)).

Cena_mark - 2017-10-15
The centrists.. They picked Trump over Clinton because they wanted something different. Bernie was different too. The polls had Bernie by a higher margin than Clinton. Stop sucking her dick. She sucks. Nobody really liked her outside of Lena Dunham and Goldman Sachs.

Bort - 2017-10-15
I keep forgetting how much centrists love candidates on the very edge of the Overton Window.

Cena_mark - 2017-10-15
They are now. As uneducated the typical voter is, it doesn't mat

Nominal - 2017-10-15
Well thank god you stuck to your guns and helped Trump win because Hillary wasn't "likeable". I'm sure that would have been a huge comfort to people who won't be able to afford life saving treatment when one of the attempts to derail the ACA eventually goes through, and it will when drooling idiots like you tend to your indie cred vanity by not voting in the 2018 mid terms and the Democrats lose more senate seats (and they will).

You think micro penis dick waving nazi punching memes are a more worthwhile cause than actually doing something to keep the nazi dream candidate out of power.

You are so repulsively stupid there's no way you're not Evil Homer still doing his bit. Fuck you and your entire existance, you mouth breathing cunt.

Cena_mark - 2017-10-15
Uh... I said I voted for Hillary. Where are you getting this shit that I helped Trump win? I hate Trump, I didn't vote for him. I just know Hillary was a shit candidate. Funny how people like you can't admit that.
Again the blood is on your hands and the DNC for sabotaging Bernie in the primaries. He would have won.
And no I'm not Homer. Homer stopped posting here a while back. I wish he'd return.

Cena_mark - 2017-10-15
Hillary lost. Future Hillarys will lose. The DNC needs a new breed of candidate, not these center right neo-liberals. Not these watered down republicans. You want her to run a third time? You think that'll work. NO! FUCK HILLARY AND FUCK THE LENA DUNHAMS WHO FAWN FOR HER. HBO's Girls sucked. And it's shitty that it took years of people criticizing your for the lack of minority characters for you to finally start shoehorning them in for the final season.

Bort - 2017-10-15
You really, really have issues with Lena Dunham.

Cena_mark - 2017-10-15
I'm beginning to thi that you and nominal are both Lena Dunham.
Bort - 2017-10-16
I've been saying this for ages: it's the prices, stupid.

https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/10/16/16357790/he alth-care-prices-problem
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