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Desc:The pure magic of Dreamcast-era cutscenes.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:The Ring, Dreamcast, bad CGI, bad games, voice ACTING!
Submitted:MacGyver Style Bomb
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Dont want to spoil it.... Watch and enjoy! :)
Comment count is 5
sasazuka - 2017-10-18
"Like heyman, what's happening here? I KNOW THE TERFIRM, they're friends."

This cutscene animation is pretty weak, even by Dreamcast standards. (Someone in the comments said it's The Ring: Terror's Realm for the DC.)

I think the thing I find most distracting here, ignoring the acting, is how most of the mouths except for maybe Jack's don't seem to have interiors, there's just skin between those lips.

Another amusing thing, the police light beam cutting right through the policeman.
SolRo - 2017-10-18
Were the mouth flaps animated for Japanese dialogue maybe?

I can imagine the voice actors just being handed a binder full of words, phrases and actual whole lines to read in one session, then cobbled together to fit a script.
sasazuka - 2017-10-18
Yes, it's a videogame spin-off of the Japanese Ring movie series and it was made by Asmik Ace Inc.

StanleyPain - 2017-10-18
The Ring is generally acknowledged as one of, if not the WORST Dreamcast game ever released. It also game out surprisingly late in the console's lifespan, right near the end if I remember correctly, which made it's weird technical problems and overall lack of quality even more amazing.
infinite zest - 2017-10-18
Terfem? I hardly knew 'em!1
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