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boner - 2017-10-26

Wasn’t exactly a coherent movie to begin with

yogarfield - 2017-10-26

oOoH ConTrOveRsy ErUPts

Quad9Damage - 2017-10-26

Oh, come on. It's the story of what happens when the absolute power deriving from unprecedented future steps in human evolution are granted to a pissed off teenage boy. Then he becomes a new universe. What?

In all seriousness, they took like 20 400 page manga volumes and tried to cram the story into a 2 1/2 hour movie runtime. That's like condensing all three unabridged volumes of The Gulag Archipelago into a 45 minute TV pilot.

TeenerTot - 2017-10-26

Dubstep remix.

infinite zest - 2017-10-26

yeah I'd love to see what this does to the weird minimalist soundtrack

sasazuka - 2017-10-27

My Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer Laserdisc succumbed to laser rot, but it's more of the picture-dissolving-into-static kind of laser rot. Maybe it's because it was just a CLV Laserdisc (1 hour per side but no freeze-frame on standard players), this one looks like a CAV Laserdisc (1/2 an hour per side with full freeze-frame), CAV laser rot is probably more spectacular.

I haven't actually tried playing any of my other Laserdiscs in years, probably some/most/all of them have some degree of rot by now.

fedex - 2017-10-27

God I loved that movie, probably one of the best OAVs ever made. The ending with the turtle just blew my teenage mind back in the day.

fedex - 2017-10-27

Also The Third Reich Decadent Coffee Shop could never make it in todays animation world.

sasazuka - 2017-10-27

Beautiful Dreamer wasn't an OVA/OAV, it got a theatrical release in February 1984.

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