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Desc:I really don't understand the point, but at least it looks professional.
Category:Short Films, Trailers
Tags:missing the point, papers please
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That guy
This is probably the kind of thing it will take to make the first good movie based on a video game.
I am curious as to how the scale might work. While it's obvious that there are no good movies based on good games, there are movies that are good in comparison to the utterly lousy game they're based on. Like Silent Hill, which was a fun movie, and a totally BS game with all the tone and atmosphere as your Catholic church's haunted house.

Perhaps serviceable and entertaining enough movies can be made out of overhyped dreck games more easily than any good movie after a good game.

Papers Please might just be too good, and a Kane and Lynch movie is inevitable.

Space Odin
"I'm from Sergiu"


Born in the RSR
We're all Sergius down here.

I look forward to the inevitable Papers, Please/Five Nights at Freddy's crossover where you must decide which demonically possessed pizza animatronics may leave a crumbling Soviet state.
Space Odin
Cog, you just described life in present-day America.

Somebody's already written that fan fiction and it probably also involves a lot of explicit sex.

Having the characters speak a real language kinda takes some of the creepy atmosphere out of it. That's one of the things I loved about the game was that weird "Simlish-esque" voice they used for everyone.

But, it still looks cool. I wonder if the one guy will make an appearance...you know, the guy who keeps trying to get through the gate with fake IDs and shit. "Cobrastan is not a real country, sir."
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