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Desc:Not the Louie that I was expecting
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:ass, Louie Anderson, ME TOO
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Comment count is 7
I guess he's been telling this story for a while, without naming him, but now he did: http://www.allthingscomedy.com/contents/16632/19-241-metoo-podcast
Most confusing bit of research from this is that Joel Hodgson is doing a benefit show with Louie Anderson. Every cell in Louie's body screamed rape, a la Subway Jared.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Huh. Louie Anderson DOES have the capacity to be Richard Dawson.
I'm really enjoying how it turns out that apparently EVERYONE in Hollywood is apparently a predator or a victim. This is my Superbowl.
America is puritanical and easily whipped into frenzies. These two tendencies increase the farther in proximity you are from a major body of water. If you want to [distract from the easily proven allegations of voter fraud and collusion with foreign powers] all you have to do is [manufacture a moral panic involving notable Hollywood liberal elites, who are typically hypocrites anyway due to the {big square states} self-Perception as moral paragons]. Simply find [somebody tangentially related to your political opposition], dredge up [well-known insider gossip in an industry that a century before was synonymous was prostitution], make sure to [get Twitter tags rolling] [the night before Special Investigator Mueller says or does anything].

It doesn't help that [American leftist politics] are intrinsically tied to [neo-Victorian bourgeois sensibilities of social betterment as part of a moral hygiene agenda, with {sexuality} specifically detailed as {wound with the expectation that the American female is not capable of expressing her own individual agency in matters of sexuality, particularly in the quid pro quo arrangement of sex as part of professional advancement and power transfer}.]

Wait. Are all those words Jewish?

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