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Desc:Eccentric archaeologist Graham Hancock, everybody!
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Comet, suggest a tag, Gobekli Tepe, Graham Hancock, Future SyFY Movie Fodder
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Comment count is 5
I somehow think.

That this narrator.

Might need to consider.

Voice lessons.

While he also sticks.

To his day job.
I had a difficult enough time choosing between the lunacy of the content and the style of the narration as my favorite that I knew this video needed a + vote to a degree that few others can claim.

You are right.

I seemed to have lost.

My stars.

In these cosmos.



He also believes Hiram Abiff was Sequenenre I, and was a literal wizard with telepathic rock lifting powerz.
While I have no problem believing that pockets of civilization rose and fell prior to recorded history (and the archeological evidence does keep pushing the "start" date of civilization further back) to jump to the "cracking every known aspect of human learning" is a bit of a leap.

Also, these stars are for the narrator that sounds like he should be on one of those Animal Planet countdown shows.
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