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Desc:All the classics are here, and some rising stars as well.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Disney, mind control, conspiracy, freemasons, sounds legit
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Nobody tells me what's beyond my immagination

-28 stars for spelling errors
In their defense though, the bond between mother and child really is one of the most scared things there is. At least in my family.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Fact proven from Wikipedia
Neither Walt Disney nor Ronald Reagan were ever 33rd degree Freemasons. They were honorary Shriners, without the typically mandatory initiation. At the time, one needed to be either 32nd degree Scottish Rite OR Knight Templar York Rite to be lucky enough for the privilege of paying an additional fee for the Shrine degree, which is outside of Freemasonry and has since been lowered to Master Mason minimum because they were having difficulty filling seats. At best it is a drinking club with some attached charities, at worst it is a group of likeminded drinking buddies to go get a lap dance with. The secrets of the Shrine are a group of vaguely Orientalist pranks pulled on a newcomer followed by a cocktail hour. In the case of Reagan, it was given by the Louisiana Shrine, which has since been removed from mainline continuity for allowing non-Masons in without permission.
The 33rd degree is no secret illuminati elite, it’s actually a final shakedown after the Freemason in question has paid for all other degrees. Last I heard, it was a $20,000 “donation” followed by a special ceremony and a new hat. Unlike Scientology, the Freemasons do use money for charitable works, so it’s not necessarily so bad.

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