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Desc:A Canadian senator (from an 80s Nickelodeon show) visits the White House
Category:Classic TV Clips, News & Politics
Tags:canada, You Can Do That on Television, Les Lye, washington dc, Easter egg roll
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Caminante Nocturno
A prevert is a pervert with precognitive powers.

Jokes aside, watching this made me sincerely happy.
If Americans aren't aware, the joke with Lance Prevert being a "Senator" is that senators in Canada are mostly usele- pardon, I mean, "symbolic" or "ceremonial". It's a patronage position and they usually rubber stamp legislation passed by the House of Commons although they can and do occasionally block bills.
Also the tag should be "Les Lye".

Maggot Brain
Was this really a joke on a kid's show in the 80's? You really can't do that on TV, good job.
you can't do this in dc

oh wait
infinite zest
Going by the title alone (with a little help from my natural dyslexia) I thought this video would be about Bob Packwood.
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