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Desc:Oh my!
Category:News & Politics
Tags:star trek, Howard Stern, George Takei, sexual harrassment
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Comment count is 43
It's very important to never express any degree of sexuality, ever, because we're all Victorians now except the Victorians at least paid for infrastructure improvements.
blue vein steel
Being against touching another person against their will isn't prudish, it's basic human decency.

My problem isn't that, it's that Hollywood was built on depravity, and damn it, I'm going to fight for the Sodom That Cinema Built as long as it stands. Hollywood Babylon should sit proudly in every well-appointed bourgeois home next to the Bible.

That guy
I don't know if we have to start an ideological debate on the terms you two just laid out. An aggressive pass on a shy person doesn't necessarily equal a crime, specifically sexual assualt on groping a passed-out person. Taken another way 'an aggressive pass on a shy person' could definitely be a crime.

For this Takei thing, I don't think we'll ever know, and I'll default to considering him innocent of a crime because I abhor condemning people on a mere accusation. I dread the witch-hunt logic that would *inevitably* follow that. I also abhor people getting away with crime, and victims suffering from that, but we have two competing virtues, here.

Takei's answering questions live, and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on that. Stern's asking loaded questions.

This interview plus the one accusation doesn't add up to guilt for me. Maybe there will be other evidence later- 'til then I won't condemn Takei for anything.

I also think we should destroy gender specific restrooms and replace them with a gigantic pit in the center of the Target and all members of the community are required to shit publicly into it at least once a day or suffer a social shunning.

And I had this idea once that we should replace the 4 year elected presidency with a 2 month lottery presidency of any American citizen legal to be president, replacing the Vice Presidency and the Secretary of State with non-partisan Inner and Outer Proconsuls elected anonymously by instant electronic election, the candidates being chosen by an algorithm programmed by scientists who voluntarily agree to an eight year term in solitude in a Colorado nuclear bunker. Both Proconsuls are elected to a six year term, the Inner Proconsul effectively being president of domestic matters, the Outer Proconsul being president of international affairs, both Proconsuls subject to veto from the 2 month lottery president, a veto which must be sustained by the subsequent lottery president and verified by a college of previously chosen lottery presidents, who receive a stipend for the rest of their lives. We also break up the country into five states, each state having their own internal hierarchy however they see fit, however they must each present a logorithm programming scientist to the Colorado nuclear bunker every eight years.

You think I'm joking, but I'm not.

If you want to be an actor then you should expect to be raped. That's part of the business.

That's kinda how I feel about it, to be honest. My smug moral superiority is dependent upon those being wealthier than I being both morally debased and physically abused. It's the only thing that keeps me from climbing a clocktower.

Neither Gates nor Bezos were ever abused by anyone.

They had a comfortable ride to being the two richest people on earth with more wealth than some countries.

Right, but they're also physically unattractive, so that does actually balance it out for me.

Any potential mate of yours would drop you in a heartbeat for the chance with either of those two lumpy nerds

We need to have more lotteries in government. There needs to be some pre filtering for qualifications, but there is no other way you can address things like corruption and nepotism reliably.

The Bible should only be read in Latin.

The common human, being of a corrupt and fallen nature that has fractured the foundations of the universe, cannot be exposed to the esoteric truth without obliteration of their possible salvation. The tradition of creating an exoteric lay philosophy for the masses dates back to our founders in Egypt, and any deviation from this plan will bring about our existential and eternal ruin.

Only the True Church can save heaven's divine populace, and we MUST be allowed to fuck children to do so.

Otherwise we risk damnation of our entire species, and our erasure from the halls of forever.

So how about Feldmans "big A-Lister"?

Suspect list looks to me as:
Josh Brolin
Tom Hanks
Steven Spielberg
Richard Dreyfus

Dreyfus is already being accused of exposing himself to women, so maybe he's not into foggeling boys.

Brolin has a history of violence, which lines up with Feldman's hints, but he was only 17 when in goonies, so maybe not.

Hanks has basically no dirt out there on him.

Money is on Spielberg.
That guy
I hate to say it, but my money's on Feldman being batshit insane.

Considering Spielberg has pretty much openly murdered three people and maintained his career, let alone utterly destroyed Tobe Hooper's career pretty callously and transforming the most promising horror director of his generation into an alcoholic, coke addicted wreck, there's not much that can destroy Spielberg.

But honestly? It's Tom Cruise. It's why Scientology has such a firm hold on him.

Spaceman Africa
didn't feldman say spielberg was one of the few adults in hollywood to protect him from those kinds of people

Yeah, Feldman has gone on record that Spielberg and Michael Jackson (!) were two people he trusted completely and never did anything bad to him.

I get the feeling Jackson just had severe mental issues combined with drug abuse problems to the point he was mentally just a child sedated 24/7

Mentally just a child who had photos of child porn and bestiality in his bathroom., according to LAPD.

Caminante Nocturno
"according to the LAPD."

Tom Hanks then? Nobody can be that likeable.

il fiore bel

Nude photos in published books, not really child porn. No mention of bestiality. Some gay stuff though.

Considering Paul Reubens is now working again, Louis CK still has time for a comeback in his 70s.

George Takei probably doesn't have time for a comeback.

B. Weed
cognitive: have you confused Spielberg with John Landis? (I assume you're referring to the death of Vic Morrow and two child actors on Twilight Zone: The Movie).
Both are morally culpable. And if you want to split hairs, let's talk about how Spielberg destroyed Tobe Hooper's career, sobriety and general respect among his peers to avoid a contractual obligation. And also how coldly mercenary he is about abusing the memory of dead Holocaust victims for industry merit badges.

B. Weed
I guess I wasn't sure where Spielberg figured into it apart from him also directing a segment of the TZ movie. Did he testify on Landis' behalf or something?

He's a Jew, what do you expect ya schmuck!

Independent of the allegations made against Takei, the content of this video strikes me as pretty benign. I think the pauses were him being coy for comedic effect.

He goes on to explain he touched these dudes he invited over to his home. Like, do you think the guys came over for cake and ice cream and to play Smash Bros or something? There's about a 100% chance they were gay, and it's a safe bet they were over at night, so I think it's reasonable to assume they were coming over specifically for sex. I don't think these assumptions are out of bounds. How often does the average person invite potential sexual partners to their home, alone, just to hang out? Celebrities aren't going to be any different. And, yeah, when you're going to have sex with someone for the first time, you're in their house you've never been in, and you're about to get naked and make yourself vulnerable in a big way, then sometimes people get awkward and nervous! So I see this as Takei started fondling shy dudes that were going to fuck him to get them acclimated.
I wish Stern had let him complete the sentence "it was either in my home or..."

It sounds like Takei was about to say something benign like "It was either in my home, or at a club, or in his home." Or something like that.

(I don't think Takei was about to spill the beans, is what I'm saying.)

Maggot Brain
I believe him when he says "I never used my power." Like anyone fucked Gorge Takei thinking that the were going to get a job. Oooh, Gorge Takei is going to get me a gig as a gaffer at trek convention. So glad I blew that guy who was on that one show fifty years ago.

Fuck you, Gogre Takei!
That guy
"a gig as a gaffer at trek convention" is priceless comedy to me.

Probably not for a gig as a gaffer at Trek convention, but for a gig as best boy? Pick a hole.

Marlon Brawndo
Is Gogre Takei like the alternate world George Takei that hates comedy and has a successful career? (and is also green because he's part ogre)

Gorge Takei gorges his-self on delicious young cocks.


A Steve Jackson Game

Maggot Brain
Look, if I had the time to spell check ever Hollywood perv I'd be here all day.

Maggot Brain
god damn it....

That guy
oh, priceless

Chicken the Did
The entire channel seems to make my dog irritated for some reason. I'll withhold judgment until there are sources less canine averse.
infinite zest
I hate to ask, but has your dog been to George Takei's house in the last 40 years?

He should announce he'll live as an even gayer man.
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