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Desc:John Travolta is a slobby archangel in this box office smash
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Angel, John Travolta, william hurt, Bob Hoskins, andie macdowall
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Comment count is 15
Maggot Brain
For some reason that stupid "I invented waiting in line" joke has always stuck with me.
There's nothing more spiritually uplifting than using your powers as a celestial superbeing to pick fights in bars.
My mom really liked this movie at the time.
Marlon Brawndo
This is one of my most hated movies. Five stars.
I remember watching this immediately following "Powder" and everything gross about that movie infected my impression of this one.
I rented them simultaneously a Blockbuster... both were hyped up, both sucked

Maggot Brain
Powder, Phenomenon, K-Pax, there were a bunch of movies like this in the mid 90's.

Only in hindsight is K-Pax creepy. But Powder was straight up gross from the gate.

A while back NPR ran a story about how Randy Newman's music is actually quite subversive, and I thought "The Toy Story guy? Really? Well, maybe...."

Now I want to force that NPR presenter to listen to the score for this movie over & over until their ears bleed and they admit that they're often contrarian just for contrarian's sake.
Caminante Nocturno
This movie takes me back to the 90s in a way I don't appreciate at all.
I logged in to say I just watched this and hate it. Hahaha he smokes a lot and eats too much sugar ahahaha.
Caminante Nocturno
Every second the film spent in that pie restaurant was a trial to watch.

John Holmes Motherfucker
A pie restaurant? Sounds like a southern thing.
A looooooong time ago an ex made me watch this. I was kinda hoping the movie would unfurl some kind of subversive ending or something where he was an escaped mental patient who had committed several horrible murders and was somehow bridging the gap between reality and the supernatural, but nah..it was just Evangelical wank material bullshit dressed up in that "GUMP FOR PRESIDENT HAHA LOL" good ol' boy spirituality simplicity that the pigs will gleefully eat from the troth.
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