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Desc:Um... you guys are doing it wrong.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Arts
Tags:gay, homophobia, interpretive dance, not the onion, not the yes men
Submitted:blue vein steel
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Comment count is 19
Neo-Nazi group starts conference with a 3 hour reading of the torah.
blue vein steel
i think my gay friends would agree with me that this is literally the gayest thing ever
I bet you anything Michelle Bachmann's husband joins this group. Hell, I bet he leaves her so he can go touring with them.
Not the Yes Men?
That guy
it's either Yes Men or The Onion

there's no fucking way with this shit

Binro the Heretic
and the crowd goes mild!
Are we sure they aren't an AIN'T I GAY? group?
“Let’s celebrate our stance against homosexuality by watching fassbinder’s ‘querelle’ for the fifteenth time”
Oscar Wildcat
Yup, gayer than a tree full of parrots.
This guy missed the wrong day at gay conversion therapy camp
blue vein steel
his dance undid years of electro shock therapy for half the audience.

The Youtube comments are actually golden for once.

"After watching this performance, the attendees are going to shake down Larry Sellers and stop at the In-N-Out Burger. "

"Girl, go-go flag dancing is SO early 2000s circuit party. You are LATE. And that exit... "

"Rise like the gay Phoenix out of sparkley ashes"

"I like the part where he brings it really hard."

I think we now know the cure to youtube comments.
"Dude just came out, I respect that. It would have worked better if he was shirtless and wore spanx, but whatever. Good for him. Good for him :)"

Doing all they can to keep it fabulous.
I want to believe this guy is the greatest troll who ever lived.
I feel dramatically less gay, although using the word "dramatically" in reference to anything gay makes it 100% more gay, so it's a wash.
The straightest thing I've seen yet.
While this is amazing, I'd hate for this sort of behavior to be associated with my sexual identity.
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