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Desc:Man this show was fantastic. I think the guy at 5:20 died.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:mxc, bad jokes, head injuries, spinal injuries
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Comment count is 7
I couldn't stop thinking about "monterey jacked himself" throughout the entire remainder of the highlights.
Will and Grace here.

Mister Yuck
My most painful elimination was when I ate a bunch of sunflower seeds shell and all and I guess I didn't chew them enough. Prickly.
These are for you!

A hearty out-loud guffaw and an "Ohhh, man." So here you go.

I see you. That's actually a common treatment for constipation. Chew them well and it's a Brillo pad for your digestive tract.

I raise you. On some fine Sunday afternoon I was driving and eating sunflower seeds, shell and all. My friend cracked a joke, and I laughed so hard that I choked and puked sunflower seeds all over the dash, my lap, and street.

With such safety measures as "this hard ass old cargo not", "stagnant swamp water", and "used mattresses".
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