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Desc:More Bluth craziness with Alan Rickman and more...
Category:Classic Movies, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:fish, don bluth, Alan Rickman
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Marlon Brawndo
Was this even released theatrically? It looks like a colossal waste of money. Just like Shark's Tale. And The Little Mermaid. And Ponyo. And that stupid fucking movie I had to sit through with my nephew about cartoon fucking seals (there are like five of those fucking movies)
Do you have a fish phobia?

Marlon Brawndo
I actually love fish!

I think cartoon movies with talking fish are usually pretty bad. There was another one just like this that Don Knotts made, the Incredible Mister Limpet. I think they are ripping that off really badly here.

It was not released theatrically in the US, and the DVD that it got had a different title "A Fish Tale", and was unfortunately released with packaging that made it appear to be a Mockbuster of "Finding Nemo".

Don Bluth had nothing to do with this movie.
Pfft, details!

But Aaron Paul played the jellyfish, and they misspelled his name in the credits.

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