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Desc:Doco on murder and beating of gay people, uninvestigated and sometimes perpetrated by Aussie cops
Category:Crime, News & Politics
Tags:Police, gay, murder, Australia, fuck the police
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Comment count is 2
Old_Zircon - 2017-12-02
A couple years ago cops in my neighborhood forced their way into a college student's house, smashed his phone, and beat him in his front hallway until he was hospitalized.

His crime was being black while in his front yard shooting video of the cops beating a homeless woman in his front yard. There was a lawsuit pending last time I checked, but that was a year ago and it had already been pending since 2013 so I'm not holding out much hope.

The first day I lived in this town, one of my roommates spent the night in jail for asking cops what was happening when he saw a circle of six of them taking turns kicking a man who was lying on the ground at the bus station, while the other five kept people from intervening. He'd just come back from a 10 month deployment as a Merchant Marine and, still being in uniform at the time, had the delusion that they would show him at least some basic respect beyond what they show civilians, but nope.

Up in Boston years ago the bass player in my band spent the night in jail because he went down into the basement at a house party because he heard noises and wanted to make sure nobody was messing with out instruments. When he got down there, he discovered the noises were a man attempting to rape a woman (he had her pinned to the ground with his entire body). When my friend intervened and pulled the guy off of her, he was immediately punched in the face and put under arrest for assaulting a plainclothes officer who was there with his partner specifically to instigated fights so they could arrest people. at the same time upstairs, two other friends of mine were punched without provocation by the other plainclothes cop and then a third friend and roommate was also arrested and jailed overnight for intervening.

When I was in college, my neighborhood was targeted by two well-known rogue cops who would force their way into students' apartments regularly and beat them up. It had been caught on video a few times and there were a few civil rights lawyers (one of whom taught part time at my college, because neither adjunct teaching nor being a civil rights lawyer could cover the cost of living in Boston on its own - hell, an old friend of mine is tenure track faculty in Boston and even THAT doesn't pay enough for him to live within 30 miles of the city these days, but it hadn't gotten quite that bad yet when I lived there) who were actively working to get them prosecuted but I'm not sure what happened with it. When I was living there it had been going on for four years already. Basically, if you were foolish enough to smoke a cigarette on your stoop after dinnertime and kept the door unlocked while you did it, you were a target. No reason, they just didn't like students.
Old_Zircon - 2017-12-02
Not saying any of this is on the level of the subject of this documentary, jsut saying COPS, MAN. FUCK EM.

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