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Desc:It's curtains
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:Poison, suicide, bosnia, croatia, war crimes
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Comment count is 10
BHWW - 2017-12-01
Twenty years? How about none?
StanleyPain - 2017-12-01

You fucking sacks of shit.
Old_Zircon - 2017-12-01
Hey Donny, I hope you're taking notes because this is how a TRUE ALPHA MALE does it.
Old_Zircon - 2017-12-01
This is just about the only kind of case where I'll watch something like this, much less give it stars.
Pillager - 2017-12-01
"Sorry Kids, no presents. Santa offed himself."
Xenocide - 2017-12-02
Presenting a


In one act

BOSNIAN GENERAL, a most disreputable fellow: Heavens, I have been found guilty of war crimes! Thank goodness I brought this healthful tonic to steady my nerves!

A RAPSCALLION, who enjoys whimsical pranks: Ho ho, I have switched the general's tonic with a fatal concoction!

BOSNIAN GENERAL, having consumed the fraudulent tincture: Crumbs! This is not my chosen beverage! I am undone!

DEATH, personified here in the form of a pale fellow in a black robe: Say, general! I did not expect to see you so very soon!

Oscar Wildcat - 2017-12-02
If you could work Drinky Crow in there you'd have a hell of a Maakies strip!

betabox - 2017-12-02
Stars for "Crumbs!"

(I love Penfold.)

Xenocide - 2017-12-02
Uncle Gabby says Slobadan Praljack is a lightweight. But then Gabby's developed such a tolerance over the years, he drinks that same stuff to sober up.

betamaxed - 2017-12-03
I'm such a softie that the first thing that came to my mind was "Well I hope it didn't taste bad going down"
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