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Desc:So this, a WB Japan produced Batman anime, is a reality.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Trailers
Tags:Anime, batman, joker
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Comment count is 11
Alfred Pennyworth is always British, even in Feudal Japan.
Wow, CGI anime is horrifying.
Yes it is.

The Marvel fanboys will be coming out of the woodwork to put this down.
Gorilla Grodd-san?
Yeah, I noticed that too however I don't disapprove of a Flash villain being in a Batman production as Grodd is one of the more interesting DC antagonists.

Maybe there's a Ninja version of the Flash too and we'll get to see all of the Super (Ninja) Friends eventually?

B. Weed
Could be The Gorilla Boss, though that'd be pretty goddamn obscure.


I don't think this was done in Flash. Maybe Quake 2 engine with Anime materials slapped on all the back facing polygons to cull the Z buffer stencils.

I don't think this was done in Flash either.

I was referring to the Flash. As in the very fast superhero who dresses in red and has a lightning bolt logo and is featured on a quite popular (by CW standards) TV show, not to mention the recent Justice League movie.

Not as bad looking as I thought it would be...but...

Isn't Batman's who thing that he doesn't kill? Aren't ninjas guys who sole job is to kill?
Marlon Brawndo
I already enjoy this more than the live action Justice League.
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