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Desc:Works great as a capella other than the long pauses where the instrumentals are.
Tags:Bonnie Tyler, a capella, acapella, Total Eclipse of the Heart, isolated vocals
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Comment count is 11
The longer I stare at her eyes the more the the asymmetry messes with me.
In case you're wondering why I submitted this, I heard it on the "Naked and Afraid" feature on the Steve Dahl Show on WLS-AM Chicago. (I like to listen to US radio over the Internet.) Easily the best one I've heard, although listening to the proper version of the tracks, her voice carries so much of the song and there's really only minimal instrumentals during the verses.

This was borderline "should I submit this to POETV or 73Q"? Since the isolated vocall version is not on any official album as far as I know, I decided I couldn't quite justify submitting it to 73Q. Happy it got through here.
That guy
I think it got through because it's so bad and also so good.

Also this makes me think of the Literal Music Video version.
"Over-surprised guy"

That guy

Maggot Brain
Laser ear is such a shit super power.
Not if your supercar is a merry-go-round.

Deep cut.

Album cover kinda implies she's brainless.
I unashamedly love Jim Steinman (I realize ymmv), and I think one of his greatest strengths is his vocal arranging. Very nice.
That guy
If I knew someone who, with this song, always likes to swap the word 'heart' out for the word 'fart', would you say that that person, who is not me of course, was immature?

Would a Total Eclipse of the fart be something blocking the fart like the moon blocks the sun, or would it be a fart eclipsing the sun somehow?

That guy
I don't think my friend who says this who isn't me ever thought about it that hard, he just said it for 25-30 years.

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