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Desc:He calls it 'the granddaddy of a hornet's nest.'
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:hornets, louisiana, swarm, nature is a bitch
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Comment count is 15
That guy
I've whacked off in worse tool sheds.
The nest recently voted to allow gay marriage, so the hornet god Z'zzzzzz'zzzz'zzzzz sent his destroyer to punish them.
It's Adam & Bees, not Adam & Steve.

Binro the Heretic
This place has broken me.

My first thought after reading the title was it was being removed from someone's body.
definitely gives this one a run for its money

My favorite part is the constant clicking noises as the hornets endlessly faceplant into the camera.
5 stars for the completely pointless use of that can of bug spray at the beginning.
Binro the Heretic
He just likes to really piss 'em off before destroying their civilization.

it's like a man in full plate armor wielding a piece of laffy taffy

If any video needs a VR version it's this one.
Any reason he didn't first throw in a fog bomb in there?

I mean, seems like it would be quite effective in a small shed like that.
From the Youtube comments:

"He's just trying to make the immediate area around the main hive-mass a little more toxic so he can get in there and grab it, he's not trying to go toe-to-toe with the mass with a spray can of killer.

Without removing that hive-mass first, fumigating wouldn't get the ones deep inside the nest, and waiting for poison to be carried in - and delivering it in high enough doses - to kill that hive wouldn't be the easiest or most efficient or healthy route.

His goal was the get the hive mass out, get as many of the hornets as possible out of the nest, then mass-killing them would go a lot smoother - they're not gonna scatter, they'll stick to the hive and near the queen(s), and then you can... spray and kill. I'm betting it's not very windy there that day, he's not gonna want what he ends up using blowing around too much."

Meh. Throw a fog bomb in, come back the next day. most of the hive is dead, I'd bet.

The Mothership
I say take off, nuke the site from orbit.
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