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Desc:Couple shirks materialism, tells you about their brave new enlightened lifestyle
Category:Fashion, Nature & Places
Tags:van, vans, VanLife, van people, Westfalia
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Comment count is 35
SolRo - 2017-12-05
spoiler; their anti-materialist lifestyle is funded by ad revenue from uploading pictures of the girl in a bikini at different locations.
fedex - 2017-12-05
sex sells

decoy - 2017-12-06
Mormon separatists would call that "milking the dragon."

yogarfield - 2017-12-06
Great body, garbage mind.

15th - 2017-12-06
#instagood #gratefulness #zen #beachbods #simplicity 🙏✌️🤘

Bort - 2017-12-06
Gonna notice a thing. The same visceral offense you may be taking to these two, and the desire to prove that they're idiots ... ? That's probably exactly what fundamentalists feel about atheists. Just as these two are tacitly saying "we live better than you do", that's what atheists do, even if they're making no attempt to confront the religious.

But that's where the similarities end. If people reject religion and hold fundamentalists in contempt, that has everything to do with how the religious (and fundamentalists in particular) manage to be on the wrong side of damn near every issue. Whereas the two in this video, they can do what they're doing only because the rest of us don't -- they depend on a hell of a lot of infrastructure that is maintained by people who can't just up and leave on a whim.

Adham Nu'man - 2017-12-06
"Their anti-materialist lifestyle is funded by ad revenue from uploading pictures of the girl in a bikini at different locations"

Yeah so what?

More power to them I say.

15th - 2017-12-06
Hippie-yuppies are some of most self-important, selfish, and narcissistic people I've ever met. I absolutely despise them.

Their entire existence is just a endless stream of cosmic epiphanies (affirmations about themselves) and pleasure. Their punishment for decades of baby-brained wanking will be beautiful memories, a well-patinated smugness, and an army of ex-lovers.

They live heaven on earth.

15th - 2017-12-06
......do you think she might come back?

memedumpster - 2017-12-06
These hippies don't create the situation by which the infrastructure slaves are enslaved. That is done 100% by the oligarchy. Eye on the prize, hatebags.

So long as you continue the herd animal instinctive reaction of tearing each other apart instead of addressing the actual cause of your actual suffering (which, in this case, is a combination of jealousy towards the hippies and a slave fealty to the oligarchy), you are fucked.

So fucked.

Nonstop fucked forever.

And ever.

And ever.

And no one is obligated to overcome that for you except yourself.

SolRo - 2017-12-06
But they haven’t broken away from that. The only reason they have food and gas is because they suckle on the teet of internet consumerism, sacrificing dignity and privacy at its altar.

15th - 2017-12-06
I hate yuppie-hippies. Not hippy hippies or social dropouts. These people aren't fighting the man, they are the man, man. Celebrity lifestyle, Instagram bile bears. Brand ambassadors. Big shoot out to DJI Drones. Think they wouldn't sell anti-consumerism back to you?!!!


Bort - 2017-12-06
"These hippies don't create the situation by which the infrastructure slaves are enslaved. That is done 100% by the oligarchy. Eye on the prize, hatebags."

Even in a better country, where people are well-paid and have good medical care and I don't have to harangue people into voting Republicans out of office and etc, the hippie lifestyle still wouldn't be viable for more than a tiny tiny percent of people. They depend upon other people doing all the building and maintenance, whether or not those other people are paid anywhere near what they're worth.

Adham Nu'man - 2017-12-06
I certainly don't think we need to build a monument to them or discuss their great intellectual merits, but they built a nice van and get to be on a semi-permanent vacation instead of slaving away in some shitty office.

Congrats to them, i'd do the same if I could. They're just two regular people making a living in a way that is slightly less dull than the average joe.

Nominal - 2017-12-08
yuppie-hippies ("yippies") are what hipsters are, much like the people in this video.

They like to play as being a collection of ARTISANS and ARTISTS who are BUILDING THE COMMUNITY, but they're really just underemployed art school graphic designers or overpriced Bohemian businesses that only exist thanks to the constant influx of funds from their parents (corporate sell outs).

("building the community" = gentrifying and pricing out long time neighborhood residents)

chumbucket - 2017-12-06
It sounds like it cost a fortune but they have kept that van in great shape. Pretty impressive setup for sure.
Gypsy_Dildo_Factory - 2017-12-06
I liked 6:20 how they had to 'splurge' on a Bose speaker "and it's (sigh) actually pretty amazing". I also want to see them break up, one getting murdered on the road, or their van stuck on a railroad crossing.

Gypsy_Dildo_Factory - 2017-12-06
Nikon - 2017-12-06
They look like they're happy and having a great time. More power to them.
bawbag - 2017-12-06
Jesus christ you nerds need to get laid once in your life.

These people seem happy enough, why begrudge them it?
Nikon - 2017-12-07
It really is bizarre behavior.

Bort - 2017-12-07
It's the thing I was noticing above: I think people detect the tacit "we are living better than you" message in what these two are doing, and that irritates people. It's not envy, I don't think, so much as lack of affirmation of the value in non-Westfalian modes of living.

With a wee bit of slut-shaming too.

Gypsy_Dildo_Factory - 2017-12-07
Very much what Bort said, or that it's telling me that I as a striving person *should* envy them or something-- or think who they are, their acquisition and what they do with it are new and interesting or creative or valuable to anyone but them personally.
Two months ago I saw a guy on a bike towing a hand cart (the 2-wheeled collapsing basket kind) and curious I went over to see how he attached it to his bike. Having a rear luggage rack he just tied it on with a shoelace, not intending to go fast or anything with it.) If I want to be free, travel all over and surf in different places I need to get a really cool unique restored efficient camper van and not pay the cost of a house, like here sponsored by a company that does custom conversions, but I can't do that because I'm poor, ugly and not inventive and glamorous enough to do that. I think I could take out a loan and get one, then make a video series about me avoiding repo men and debt collection agencies, homeowners and nosy people calling the police every time I park somewhere and I really could fit a dildo factory in the back.

15th - 2017-12-07
This isn't exactly Walden. The Ubermensch isnt going to descend Laurel Canyon to charge his ipad to check ad revenue.

I don't get how this isn't in the same vein as that amazing "camping" / ORV video that someone posted where they were eating prosciutto and getting all religious about nature. Everyone agreed that was fucking ridiculous.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-12-06
Not suitable for Uber slavery, and thus I don't mind.
The Mothership - 2017-12-07
5 stars alone for the previous owner's PA system that plays animal sounds.
poopy - 2017-12-07
she'll be as disgusting as her bf in no time. good luck with the ad revenue!
Gmork - 2017-12-07
...because why?

poopy - 2017-12-15
because time is cruel, gmork

Monkey Napoleon - 2017-12-07
I don't like it just because it's fucking dumb. The implied condescension or whatever doesn't bother me because it's a fucking lie.

These people are vapid cunts, as displayed in this video, and their lifestyle is only possible through intense organization and micromanagement of basic day to day activities that someone who lives in an actual dwelling takes for granted.

The claim that they live on a small footprint is also a lie. You can't buy a van, kit it with a bunch of gadgets to bring it to motor home level convenience, and spend very much less than an actual motor home. I'm positive that if you sat down and did the math, you wouldn't come up with any energy savings over just applying conservation principles in a real home.

As for making nature your office, or whatever kitchy way you want to describe it, the alternative to that is just not to live in a huge metropolitan city. There's all kinds of places in the US with different climates and types of infrastructure and even political leanings if you're one of those fucking morons who can't stand to be around people who don't think you do.
Nominal - 2017-12-07
Living in an area where people DONT want to string up gays and minorities is kind of a positive, as is an absence of open carry and stand your ground laws.

SolRo - 2017-12-07
In broad strokes you need to move to California.

If getting specific you need to find a place in California that hasn't been gentrified by racist/sexist tech bros while also avoiding racist/sexist poor white or homophobic Hispanic areas.

Monkey Napoleon - 2017-12-07
Except they want to do that in big cities, too... only slightly less.

There's all kinds of places scattered around that don't really conform to your cartoonish stereotypes.

Nominal - 2017-12-08
Did SolRo just call me racist while labeling all Hispanics as murderous lynch mobs?

SolRo - 2017-12-09
Just saying, don't go to a Mexican catholic church in chula vista to announce you're a proud gay man or trans woman.

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