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Desc:Had to check up on DemoniusX.
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:Drunk, vlog, demoniusx, Suzanne Somers, Lick that shitter like an apple fritter
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Comment count is 6
I lasted six minutes.
Shanghai Tippytap
i'm often surprised by the about face that comes from a Christian who believes life is special becoming an atheist who believes life is meaningless. How about being an atheist who believes life is special?
I tried to watch this when he posted it, and I couldn't make it 20 seconds in.

Stars pending on a timestamp for "lick that shitter like an apple fritter".
6:44 for the quote, but you really should start at 6:20 for proper context.

You're welcome.

A: Thank you, much love.

B: OF COURSE he punctuates it with a vape.

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