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Category:News & Politics
Tags:charles barkley, accurate, Roy Moore
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Comment count is 25
jangbones - 2017-12-13
Barkley used to patronize my work when he was a Sixer. This ain't an act, he's a good dude with a big mouth.
memedumpster - 2017-12-13
It is fun listening to Charles Barkley say the things that would get anyone else labeled a nazi by the regressives.

Poor white people!?

Kill this race traitor.
poorwill - 2017-12-13
Cut your dick off and bleed to death you little retard.

That guy - 2017-12-13
....except that memedumpster is 100% right and you're knee jerking without any content to your argument, poorwill.

Anaxagoras - 2017-12-13
I don't think he's right, but I'd still rather his penis not be cut off.

I'll be satisfied with a simple "No, you're wrong memedumpster."

poorwill - 2017-12-13
Not good enough. I want cock blood.

poopy - 2017-12-13
poorwill ur dumb

poorwill - 2017-12-13

That guy - 2017-12-13
The Dems have failed with working class whites and with blacks in recent years, or even decades.

How is that up for debate?

Anaxagoras - 2017-12-14
First off: you're alright, Poorwill.

Second off:

I think what you say is definitely debatable, That Guy. It could be argued that given the insanity & right-wing tilt of the populace, the Democrats have been doing the best they could. I'm not sure if that argument is *true*; I'd have to closely look at their history over the past couple decades, and spend more time on it than I'm willing. But it's at least plausible.


That's not what memedumpster was saying in the first place. He said that if anyone who wasn't a minority asserted what Barkley did, then they would get crucified by the Left. And to that, I say: bullshit. Barkley didn't say anything too radical, although I don't think it's accurate.

Anyways, Poorwill won me over: I agree that we need more cock blood.

That guy - 2017-12-14
I thnk he was being hyperbolic. . . .?

Most of the different dimensions of the left give a lot of pushback to the suggestion that the Dems/left fucking up might be AMONG the reasons why we have an insane unqualified POS for prez, along with a Rep controlled congress and SC, and an outrageous distribution of wealth/income.

Anyone who thinks they could be partly to blame for gross tacical and philosophical errors "just doesn't get how evil the right is" as if that somehow takes blame OFF of them...?

yogarfield - 2017-12-13
Love you Chuck, shout out to Leeds.
Maggot Brain - 2017-12-13
"If you want to win you have to be the guy with the most votes!"
Bort - 2017-12-13
And yet, the fucking retarded Left still thinks that withholding votes will bring them victory.

Smart people in Alabama -- especially blacks, and especially black WOMEN -- turned out in numbers, and achieved the nearly impossible. Just by showing up.

bawbag - 2017-12-13
"the retarded left"

Can't imagine why the actual-Left want absolutely nothing to do with the cult of Hillary when this is the sort of inviting rhetoric the dem-faithful routinely deploy.

Nice pat on the back though for 'the blacks' and their WOMEN who as we know are a monolith and only to be cheered when they're -not- voting for Bernie.

15th - 2017-12-13
Jeeeez, if blacks can vote for the right candidate, whites have no excuse!

Bort - 2017-12-13
The "fucking retarded" Left. I choose my words carefully.

In 2009, a certain group of Lefties promised they'd work to defeat any Democrat who did not precisely support their vision of health care reform, and Emmanuel Rahm called that group of Lefties "fucking retarded". Lefties, in turn, took offense en masse, and come 2010 they were careful to stay home on Election Day and let the Teabaggers take over.

Now, maybe it's not nice to call them "fucking retarded". But the fact remains, it IS fucking retarded to try to get your agenda passed by threatening your allies and empowering your enemies. If anything, the expression is unfair to the legitimately mentally-handicapped, who at least have an excuse, and probably wouldn't be that dumb anyway.

"Nice pat on the back though for 'the blacks' and their WOMEN who as we know are a monolith and only to be cheered when they're -not- voting for Bernie."

I made a point of not mentioning it before, but since you brought that piece of shit up: remember in the primaries, when Bernie said that the black vote in the South didn't matter? Fuck you, Bernie; the black vote got us Doug Jones. And fuck your bowing and scraping to the White Working Class, 67% of whom voted for the child molester.

bawbag - 2017-12-13
"remember in the primaries, when Bernie said that the black vote in the South didn't matter?"

[Citation needed]

Pretty sure that Bernie said no such thing, but I guess believing literal falsehoods (from Starr and co) and extreme twisting of what was actually stated -BY OTHERS- is easier than accepting Clinton fucking lost to the clown due to her own abject failures.

Failure to to campaign in the midwest, 100% compromised by Wall street, her racism or any of the many many other reasons no one wanted your chosen former slaveowner to ever be in power.

You libs only have yourselves to blame and until you realise it, you can expect more Trumps and more you screaming about an old guy who would be your president now if you idiots had just. fucking. listened.


Bort - 2017-12-13

https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2016/04/ 18/why-bernie-sanders-will-rue-his-deep-south-dismissal-of-black-v oters/?utm_term=.22fb17009179

Oh, Bernie was just politician enough to dance around it, but Bernie got trounced in the South because of the black vote, not white voters. Rest assured, black voters heard his point loud and clear.

More citation:

http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/sanders-says-southern- primaries-distort-reality

It's adorable that Steve Benen rejects the very possibility that Bernie minimizes the importance of black voters, because after all, he's a progressive and no progressive could ever harbor even low-grade unintentional prejudice.

bawbag - 2017-12-13
So, as predicted Bernie said no such thing.

He would have won.

bawbag - 2017-12-13
"rest assured black voters..."

Who elected you to speak for them? They didn't want your shitty slave-owning candidate to speak for them, why would they want you -a fan of a literal slavemaster- to do so?

Bort - 2017-12-13
Black voters soundly rejected Bernie damn near everywhere, and solidly backed Hillary. They speak for themselves, just as they can see through Bernie and his fan club.

bawbag - 2017-12-13
I see you've once again you've deemed yourself fit to be the spokesman for 'black voters'.

Absolutely hilarious stuff.

She still lost and you will never understand or admit why.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2017-12-13
Barkley's alright.
Ugh - 2017-12-13
*dusts hands* good now help them release shut up and jam gaiden 2 mr barkey or they'll never make their release date
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