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Desc:Surreal nudity and PC Optimizer Pro
Category:Short Films
Tags:Surreal, sex, Internet, wtf, maria forque
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Comment count is 4
So art school students have finally discovered glitch art from 10 years ago, I guess.

Checked her web site, nothing new there.
the tragedy is that there is no performance/video artist who could ever dream of being more creepy and subversive than the home video quality Christian stuff EIT pulls out of garbage dumps.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I wouldnt say its a tragedy.
Those performance artists / art school students just make stuff that fucking suuuucks!!
Making something good is a lot of work.
They, however, just make something that has no value, but, is done in a certain style that labels it as a form of conspicuous consumption.
Also publicly acting so stupid and making stuff so terrible is a non-trivial cost which they pay to be trusted and gain acceptance by their peer group.

Shaye Saint John?

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