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Desc:From the makers of Time Chasers comes an action film that also features a very unlikely protagonist.
Category:Humor, Classic Movies
Tags:rifftrax, Time Chasers, David Giancola, Edgewood Studios
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David Giancola is actually pretty cool on social media. He has a genuine sense of humor about his work and is good at interacting with MST/RT fans and such. Just the other day I had a brief conversation with him on FB about how he and his company got screwed out of tons of money when Time Chasers got limited distribution. He got several of the cast of Time Chasers to fly out to live riff of the movie that Rifftrax did a few years ago (though, oddly, the live show made literally NO acknowledgement of this); the hatchets are all buried now. (the "pink boy" guy from the movie is also really cool with the MST community)
I downloaded this and Radical Jack, also by the Time Chasers people.

Watched Radical Jack today. It's actually really boring, and there was only about one good riff joke in the whole thing.

This one looks a lot better.
There's also "Icebreaker", a Die Hard at a ski resort film that has the same feel Giancola's other movies - where everything just feels stretched thin and features tepid action scenes (KEVIN MURPHY: "Things are about to get extreme. Well, extreme-ish."), and has a pre-LOTR Sean Astin standing in the hero role and the main villain is played by a shaven-headed Bruce Campbell whose motives and plan are kind of not all that well depicted. That said it's probably the "best" Edgewood film out there.

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