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Desc:This traffic is CRAY CRAY! If only we didn't have public internet!
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:failure, fcc, net neutrality, white people, democracy sometimes works
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Killer Joe
The cable lobby dropped about $900K in this single town on anti 2b spending, and still lost.
Born in the RSR
Thank Christ it fucking did.

To expand on what i was trying to say in another video to Mr Purple Cat, whatever cut-throat shit gets passed politically or economically in the US has a nasty habit of being picked up in developing nations such as my own.

If you go total Verhoven dystopia, we will inevitably follow.

The news articles on 2b passing are pretty amusing, especially when they interview the people who were against it saying "This is BIG GOVERNMENT waaaa the voters have ruined everything."
At least it was a reasonable counter-argument.
Could've just as easily thrown out buzzwords about the Clinton deep-state.
Killer Joe
I liked how they were bitching about traffic and it was a TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC.

Caminante Nocturno
Eyes on the road, assholes!
What kind of geriatric jackass would believe this shit? Fuck the telecom lobbies.
Spaceman Africa
Comments and ratings disabled
Well I for one am SHOCKED.

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