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Desc:A major thrillride.
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:SCIENCE!, horrible movie infinity, Gerard Butler, Geostorm
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Comment count is 9
A little Dutch boy stuck his finger in a dyke. She didn't like it very much.

Monkey Napoleon
I don't know why he didn't mention it, but OZ is planning on streaming Geostorm this Monday, 6PM eastern time.

link to chatroom on the page

Consider popping in to join the chorus of hyperbolic claims of it being the worst movie ever made!
I've got a trailer rendering right now, this was just the advance viral marketing.

I'm really glad this movie didn't slip by unnoticed, which it seemed like it was going to for a while.
I'm pretty sure it was still in theaters when I downloaded it, I've been waiting months for my turn to roll around.

I remember seeing the trailer for this when I was going to see Marvel something or other.

What's memorable is the complete and total lack of any feeling I had when watching it. I didn't like it, I didn't hate it, it didn't make me angry, it didn't make me sad or lament the state of the film industry.

It was just there...
This movie took almost 5 years and over $120 million and its premiere weekend box office was barely half that of "Boo 2! A Madea Halloween" (despite doubling Madea's Rottentomatoes score at a whopping 13%).

The presence of Gerard Butler is a guaranteed seal that the film I'm about to see will be a regret.
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