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Desc:What it says on the tin
Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:DBZ, the simpsons, steamed hams, running this shit into the ground
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Comment count is 7
Seymour is the name of his base form. His super form is called Delightfully Devilish Seymour.
But it doesn't take 10 episodes for Skinner to get out of the window.
NEXT TIME: Skinner waits in line to order at Krustyburger for the third thrilling episode in a row! Meanwhile, Nelson is being chased by a Very Tall Man! And Bart and Milhouse stand on the sidewalk and comment on the fact that Nelson is being chased by a Very Tall Man!

BUT FIRST. Will Chief Wiggum finish his Pulp Fiction references? Will Ned's lawn survive Reverend Lovejoy's dog? Will Milhouse ever get to use the bathroom?

Cliffhanger: Very Tall Man starts emerging from his Beetle. There's a freeze frame as a dramatic music cue rises. We will not see the Very Tall Man reveal at least until the next episode, "Flight to the Future! Nelson Escapes...to Lisa's Wedding!?"

Above average for these.
blue vein steel
i didn't watch enough DBZ to really get much of this, other than the next-episode preview style and the music, but i agree, this is one of the better ones.

infinite zest
Pretty much what Quad9 and Xenocide said above; there's nothing fundamentally wrong with an epic fight that takes up several episodes, especially if that show's an animated martial arts show, but make sure you throw in some damn punches, or at least average it one-per-episode.. jeez.

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