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Desc:Trans women talk about their thoughts about being trans in public in New York.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:new york, trans, transsexual, people on the street
Submitted:Marlon Brawndo
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Comment count is 11
It sucks they feel like they're under constant threat of physical assault. I know it's certainly a possibility (especially in red southern states) but I really have a hard time believing it's so prevalent that it's an every-day-all-the-time worry in a place as metropolitan as new york. Then again I've never been to new york and I do hear it has its share of assholes.
It would depend where in New York. Definitely not in most of Manhattan or gentrified areas like Williamsburg. Bronx, Brooklyn east of Bushwick, or Manhattan north of 100th st? Probably a way different story.

It turns out that people can be small-minded assholes anywhere, even in The City Where Spider-Man Lives.

New York is one of the most provincial places I know of, especially the wealthy Manhattanites who never have to leave that bubble (even if they temporarily step out of it physical they're still in it). I encounter them pretty regularly and they're just another variety of townie.

1:04 The most passable trans person i've ever seen. Genuinely pretty.
Really? I've seen drag queens who pass better than that.

What the fuck is your problem?

Knew this would trigger the manbabies.
I don't even need to watch it right now to give it stars on strength of that.

"Is this guy gay because he dating a transwoman?"

This is a part of the insanity and impossibly confused thinking in a great deal of transactivism. Yes, a male dating another male make them homosexual i.e., gay. Why can't we use the words "sex" and "gender" with their correct meanings? To do otherwise is 1984 newspeak.
The youtube comments are the best part.
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