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Desc:A wonderful, terrifying centerpiece.
Tags:poetv needs a food category, bologna cake
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Comment count is 11
This is equal parts charming, disgusting, and um... disgusting.
Binro the Heretic
I...I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

This does look like the sort of thing my grandparents would fall on like a pack of rats, though.
Mother Lumper
I love that this was submitted in the Crime category.
It's a shame because good balogna is actually delicious, however this is just....no.
The look on her face as she shifts from revulsion to bullshit is precious.
Bologna is a smelly meat product. That thing must smell horrendous.
Oh God, I know! Just thinking about baloney makes me grossed out. It smells terrible.

It's the smell that you think of? I think of having my whole tongue coated in sticky grease.

Oh god, that too.

It’s just really gross stuff.

Is it time for ham week again?
Ham Week is my favorite week!

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