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Desc:SPOILER: it's crap
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:music, vinyl, kickstarter, juicero, Rokblok
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Comment count is 9
With all of the problems on display in the first video I hadn't even thought about the fact that the needle is installed backward.
I think this guy's best video is where he painstakingly assembles a Japanese kit to build your own gramaphone that's supposed to record on plastic cups and then it doesn't work at all.
And then he says he's tried one before and it didn't work either


i like the automatic leslie effect it gives, nice and warbly. I imagine most others don't though.
I don't disagree with you but I think a similar effect could be achieved without ruining your records if you dubbed them on to a cheap microcassette recorder at the lowest speed and then played then through the internal speaker and put it on your turntable so it spun around.

Buy one and use it often on your favorite and most rare record.

I like the cut of your jib OZ

Clearly this thing is a piece of shit. Although at the same time as someone who wants to buy a turntable I find it a major pain in the ass to get a decent opinion on any vinyl related product. Either something is a cheap piece of shit or it's an overtly expensive audiohile nightmare that has you spending hundreds of dollars on electromagnetic shielding that protects your device from ghosts.
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