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Desc:what it says on the tin...
Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:Rap, beat, auctioneer, too good for 73Q
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Comment count is 14
blue vein steel
I also like that there appears to be a Auctioneer competition.

the scripted intro is fantastic

Monkey Napoleon
I've mentioned it on here a couple of times before, but long ago I worked for a livestock auction yard.

There's trade schools people go to in order to become auctioneers, and I've heard that it's extremely difficult, of not impossible, to get a regular job doing it without attending said schools.

It's also one of the highest paying jobs in the entire livestock trade industry. The guys participating in this earn deep six figures, easy.

blue vein steel
Thanks MN. That's actually really interesting.

5 for Vernon Yoder and Robb Taylor

-1 for the insipid border to the video.
Aaaaannnnddd I fucked that up... fine, insipid border, you get off this time.

blue vein steel
Rhett Parks is clearly the pretty-boy lothario of the Auctioneer scene

Yeah, it's whack as fuck, but I couldn't be bothered finding one without it, or something, something. I hate the border too, but then again, it adds to the crappy aesthetic the tracks have goin' on.


See, I love this, but I hate country music. What the hell happened to country? It used to be so good.

blue vein steel
Leroy Van Dyke looks like he has twice as many teeth as normal

Marlon Brawndo
Yeah, I'm going to be picturing this any time I see a guy in a cowboy hat now. For at least a week.
Is Rhett Parks... Mac?
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