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Desc:NHK rundown on state of the Sumo world. Tournament runs from Jan. 14-28
Tags:sumo, sumo wrestling, 2018, Hatsu Basho, 2018 Hatsu
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Comment count is 12
can anyone beat hakuho?
Goku could.

some of the young guys look pretty promising, but i'd still wager that it'll be a year or three before he has any serious competition

turns out the answer is yes, hokutofuji can.

Sumo actually seems really interesting and I feel kind of bad that the only things I know are related to E. Honda. Which probably means I don't actually know anything about it.
here's a short doc/primer if you're interested:

you can stream the daily highlight video here:
Born in the RSR
Thanks bro!

you're more than welcome

they're usually posted a day or two behind, but it's the best coverage i've found on the internet

Born in the RSR
I use to watch it back in the day on Eurosport, back when Musashimaru was the shit. But it fell off the map for me after i moved out.

I can see myself getting back into it.

Born in the RSR
I dunno if you see this , but thanks again for pointing me to the NHK daily highlights. It was a blast.

no prob - next tournament is march 12-26th

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