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Desc:Sean Hannity would never stoop to such a thing
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:fox news, Sean Hannity, journalism, trump, distraction
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Comment count is 12
Too bad didn’t go with the space disco ball story, a literal shiny object
It would have worked just as well as "LOOK AT THIS CRIMINAL POSSIBLY DYING". Which is sad, because it did work for his base.

Killer Joe
C'mon, really. What does "attempted to obstruct justice" really mean? Do they give out Nobel prizes for "attempted science"?
And now here's a kittycat sleeping in a woman's cleavage.
I fucking love this video so much. That the fall of Trump is going to ruin trash like Hannity who went all-in fills me with delight.
It won't ruin him. He'll just go back to talking about Hillary and all his viewers will keep watching.

At best they will claim Trump was not a "real" Republican or he was a Democrat plant to discredit "real" conservatives like the evangelicals.

Oscar Wildcat
I flatly predict that whatever happens, after Donald Trump is no longer president, he will have his own talk show on Fox. Mark my words.

Trump is too old and too rich to work at Fox.

The only administration people that migrate to Fox after leaving are the dumb sycophant rubes that didn’t get rich off bribes or make the right connections to land a lobbyist job

Space Odin
I'm actually with Meerkat here. Reference the recent disowning of the Bush Jr presidency and all its baggage.

This dumb fucking country can't even fucking get rid of Jim Bakker.

Binro the Heretic
This made me laugh like Vincent Price.

I normally don't watch clips with Hannity's ugly mug on it -- sure am glad I clicked this one!
"We'll talk about it tomorrow night"

Good spin takes time.
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