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Desc:watch and learn libtards!
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:Evolution, science, Athiesm, fadedholysoldier, MENSA
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Comment count is 15
"They read a book and suddenly they think they're experts"
That guy
Yeah, wtf is next

"Go ahead. Leave your comments. Anything you want to bring, just bring it at me."

And yet he disabled the comments after one day.
fooking 5 for that

John Holmes Motherfucker
I think the videos on this channel may have been uploaded by someone other than the original poster, since apparently every video was uploaded on the same day.


This is pretty close to being a Poe's Law thing.
This has to be a joke, or "satire". Get da fuck adda here.

^^ This isn't even close to being how dumb people actually are. I've heard far worse, from family members.

Said, in seriousness, sober, even - "I think Obama is just Osama with the beard chopped off."

The rest of that car ride was silent.

John Holmes Motherfucker
What the fuck was that?
Born in the RSR
These Just Cause games are getting ridiculous.
John Holmes Motherfucker
So the position here seems to be: "Your evolution theory is scientifically flawed, thereby proving that there is a magic supernatural entity that controls everything." That's pretty dumb on the face of it, but is he for real with the monkey noises? What a singular display of religious fervor!
Adham Nu'man
Not just "a magic supernatural entity that controls everything".

"MY magic supernatural entity that controls everything. Every other magic supernatural entity that controls everything is just plain ridiculous bullshit."

This dude is clearly a model fucking Christian.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I think this is best explained as a sad, misguided shot at YouTube celebrity.
"Number one, I'm an idiot, how could I even survive in nature if evolution required extinction and adaptation? I would not be here. I'd be extinct long ago. I am pure stupid, yet I live, so the world can't work that way. A huge, supernatural, magical force of living power is required to keep MY dumb ass breathing. You don't realize how incapable I am of thought, it has to be God. Nature is never that kind. Never. I can't be this dumb and yet some kind of survival anomaly. That's ridiculous. I am so stupid that in a world filled with sharp objects, I live on. Only God. That is the simplest answer. I am Occam's retard. Number, two, I'm an idiot..."
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