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Desc:When watchmakers make pistols, OR, how to make your assailant REALLY anrgry at you.
Category:Science & Technology, Arts
Tags:stupid, tiny, clockwork, Forgotten Weapons
Submitted:blue vein steel
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Robin Kestrel
The kind of gun that says you have a crazy big hog.
I thought of the weapons from the "The Great French Duel" chapter of Mark Twain's A Tramp Abroad, where he agrees to act a second to one duelist - the instruments suggested are all rejected for their violating of the code for dueling - but the other duellist's second has just the firearms for the job.


"Well, I am at the end of my string, now. Perhaps you would be good enough to suggest a weapon? Perhaps you have even had one in your mind all the time?"

His countenance brightened, and he said with alacrity:

"Oh, without doubt, monsieur!"

So he fell to hunting in his pockets--pocket after pocket, and he had plenty of them--muttering all the while, "Now, what could I have done with them?"

At last he was successful. He fished out of his vest pocket a couple of little things which I carried to the light and ascertained to be pistols. They were single-barreled and silver-mounted, and very dainty and pretty. I was not able to speak for emotion. I silently hung one of them on my watch-chain, and returned the other. My companion in crime now unrolled a postage-stamp containing several cartridges, and gave me one of them. I asked if he meant to signify by this that our men were to be allowed but one shot apiece. He replied that the French code permitted no more. I then begged him to go and suggest a distance, for my mind was growing weak and confused under the strain which had been put upon it. He named sixty-five yards. I nearly lost my patience."
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