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Category:News & Politics, Science & Technology
Tags:bodybuilding, internets, Memes, soy, hbomberguy
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Comment count is 55
SolRo - 2018-02-03
Conservatives misinterpreting data (more likely just lying) to 'prove' their idiotic fantasies?! I don't believe it!
Chicken the Did - 2018-02-03
It impresses me that they manage to be wrong about every single fucking thing. It's like if Bizzaro had a political bent.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-02-05
Conservatism isn't always about validating your prejudice and your lack of curiosity and defending your choice to be a fucking asshole. There's a more intellectually rigorous form of conservatism, and that's about tax breaks for rich people.

M-DEEM - 2018-02-03
Well hey good thing it didn't hurt your feelings
Chancho - 2018-02-03
Nobody cares if it's true or false. It's just a funny thing to call an SJW because it offends them for some reason.
SolRo - 2018-02-03
apparently you chumps do since your kind keeps making videos trying to prove it.

Cena_mark - 2018-02-03
Nothing wrong with being a soy boy or an SJW. Vegetarianism is good for the environment, and being tolerant is awesome. SQWs (status quo warriors) are the morons.

Raggamuffin - 2018-02-04
*Chugs gasoline to the horror of concerned onlookers*

"Haha I can't believe how offended these people are!"

*shampoos own hair with dogshit*

"look how much these SJW's are getting owned!"

Xenocide - 2018-02-04
Injecting pure lard directly into your brain to own the libs.

Chancho - 2018-02-04
Just for the record, I had soy sauce with my sushi last night and I consider SQW and SJW two sides of the same rich white kid coin.

Binro the Heretic - 2018-02-04
But the thing is, even if they are privileged White boys, the SJWs are promoting the message of genuine civil rights advocates.

By attacking & discrediting them, you are ultimately indirectly attacking the message.

Monkey Napoleon - 2018-02-04
No, that's not how it works. You can't couch a nugget of legitimate civil rights advocacy in a bunch of terrible ideology to shield yourself from criticism.

Cena_mark - 2018-02-04
I know SJW is meant to describe an extreme liberal, but for me an SJW is just someone who isn't racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. The term is just base insult thrown around by alt-right edgelords to describe anyone who disagrees with them.

Edgelord: I fucking hate Muslims.
Me: That's not cool.
Edgelord: You're a fucking SJW.

Monkey Napoleon - 2018-02-04
Oh, I didn't know we could change the definitions of labels to mean whatever we want! That seems like it would be a handy thing to do to dodge criticism.

Cena_mark - 2018-02-04
That's what the alt-right does. They just keep giving themselves stupid new names for the things they are. "I'm not racist, I'm a race realist. I'm not sexist, I'm a men's rights activist. I'm not a bigot, I'm a WESTERN CHAUVINIST".
So it's not me changing the meanings. SJW originally meant like the extreme type who hates cis, white, males. But THEY started using SJW to describe anyone who disagrees with them. So I'm wearing the label with pride.

Cena_mark - 2018-02-04
And I'm not trying to dodge criticism. Tell me, what's wrong with me not being a bigot?

Old_Zircon - 2018-02-04
MN we didn't, the alt-right themselves changed it to that over the past 5 years. It's just that they hate that stuff.

I remember originally hearing the term SJW back around maybe 2008 or 2009 FROM LEFTISTS to criticize the sort of stuff you're talking about and I've been hearing that occasionally again over the last few months, but it has been a long time since that has been the mainstream use of it, at least since the year before Gamergate it has mainly been a blanket term for anyone who disagrees with the alt-right.

Same trajectory that "political correctness" followed (it started out as a term coined by socialists around the time of WWII to criticize the authoritatrian fringe in their own ranks, but was co-opted by the far right a few decades later and became a pejoritive applied to anyone who they disagreed with. The same thing happened with "SJW" (which, when I first heard it, would have been used to describe a person who aggressively adopts the cosmetic trappings of social justice activism to look good on the Internet, without actually doing anything substantial about it in real life) except it took 5 years instead of 50.

Ultimately it's just a matter of priorities and not drawing false equivalencies. SJW's (in the original sense, not the "anyone who doesn't agree with Breitbart talking points" sense that it's usually used today) are a real phenomenon but they are a much smaller phenomenon than their right wing counterpart, smaller in numbers, smaller in social and political power, and smaller in terms of the danger of their ideology. They're the sort of thing that would have been worth consideration if Clinton had won and we were trying to recenter the overton window to the point where the "left" party in the country wasn't farther right on most issues than the "right" party was a generation earlier. As things are now, they're hardly worth thinking about, it's like complaining about Grammar Nazis in 1939 - there are more important priorities.

Old_Zircon - 2018-02-04
Or to put it more simply, the underlying psychology behind the alt-right and SJWs-in-the-original-sense is basically the same, but the nature of the two groups means the majority of people who would be attracted to them go right since it's simply the more authoritarian, fear based end of the American political spectrum. On the left, we're talking about a small but loud group of people who are bad for PR, on the right we're talking about the highest levels of government. Any equivocation between the two necessitates completely ignoring the actual real-world political situation as it stands RIGHT NOW and saying that a couple dozen college kids without any real power making a scene and scaring the administration, who capitulate in token ways out of fear of their bottom line (because private universities have been effectively for-profit entities in all but legal status since at least the 90s and those profits are ultimately what drives every administration decision) are a big problem while their right wing equivalent is in the process of literally dismantling the government to the best of their ability (which is fortunately not that great, but they're doing a lot better at it than you're going to hear from CNN or something) while beginning to ramp up mass deportations and incarceration, pillaging the commons, and generally fucking over YOU SPECIFICALLY (unless you've got quite a few millions of dollars of annual income) then it's time to reexamine your priorities.

SolRo - 2018-02-04
More simply you say...

badideasinaction - 2018-02-04
Pre-gamergate, SJW was being used to describe people who felt the need to defend identifying as a cloud or declare that logic was racist.

The gamergate brigade made the stupid decision to drag the term to the centre so saying "I believe sexism exists" will get you the SJW label now.

They fucked it up, now they have to deal with that.

Cena_mark - 2018-02-04
But even the pre-Gamergate SJW isn't the a different side of the same coin as the Alt-right. I don't see how advocating for tolerance, even if it's for trans-species or whatever is the same as advocating intolerance.

Monkey Napoleon - 2018-02-04
Cena: It's not that you're not a bigot, though you ARE a bigot, it's every other stupid thing that comes out of your mouth (or in this case your fingers).

OZ: Do you honestly and for real think that there is a significant number of people out there who voted for Trump because of "meme magic" and unironically want to round up all the minorities and kill them just to get a reaction out of people that annoy them on the left?

What I object to is this shell game of labels the left plays where they can redefine who is what at a moments notice to justify any number of stupid things, and then when you call them out on it, YOU'RE the bad guy because criticism means you're anti-progressive.


Cena_mark - 2018-02-04
What do you mean I'm a bigot? Ooooh, am I a bigot towards Nazis? Oh, I'm so intolerant cuz I won't tolerate intolerlant shitheads! Fuck that shit. The alt-right never deserved a platform in the first place. Liberals were fooling themselves by pretending they were anything more than a hategroup. Y'all blew your load in Charlottesville. Now everyone knows what you are.

Space Odin - 2018-02-04
There are two kinds of people in this world.

1) People

2) Cunts

Choose wisely.

Monkey Napoleon - 2018-02-04
You're a bigot for the following reason:

You're lumping me and lots of other people into the "alt-right" label who really don't belong there because we either don't blindly agree with your talking points, which in your case I don't believe even you properly understand, or because we would criticize anything you deem progressive.

Disagreeing with you about what's progressive doesn't mean I'm not progressive. You don't even know most of my actual political opinions, which are buried in my comment history pre-2012 in a time where you were a retarded mouthpiece for the OTHER side.

Not that anybody is going to believe me, but criticism of the left is the only thing worth talking about given their consistent failure to make good on anything and their propensity to want to dismantle the few good things about this country just so they can put their boots on the necks of their opponents. We're supposed to be the good guys, and call me crazy, but just being less bad than the bad guys is not good enough. Putting down Nazi's doesn't make you a good person or a right person or any kind of person besides someone who wants to see people suffer.

I'm just not into this dumb blind cynicism that lets you people turn others into ridiculous strawmen and then entertain yourselves with circle jerks about how bad they are. We all know how bad they are. Let's talk about how you fail at everything besides talking shit.

Cena_mark - 2018-02-04
Well that still doesn't make me a bigot, just someone who jumped to conclusions.

Cena_mark - 2018-02-04
All you did was bait me, and now you want to pin all the failures of the DNC for some reason. Fuck off Orangutan Hitler... wait, that's Trump. You're Chimpanzee Ceasar.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-02-04
>>>Nothing wrong with being a soy boy or an SJW. Vegetarianism is good for the environment, and being tolerant is awesome.

I think of an SJW as someone who is intolerant about it. The thing is, it's not that big a deal. When I stray from liberal or feminist othrodoxy (remember shirtgate? That was a big one) and someone makes an issue of my gender or my European ancestory in a way that is offensive, it's very mild form of what every nonwhite nonmale person has always had to deal with.

There are some liberals and some feminists who are assholes. Of course! Why wouldn't there be? Especially college students. Politically engaged college students have always been the worst. As a liberal and a feminist, I'm not going to take any shit from conservatives about that, for reasons that ought to be self-evident.

Some of these antifeminist youtube shitwits seems to believe that the worst thing about feminism is that it makes women unpleasant. God forbid that women shouldn't have a pleasing personality!

Chancho - 2018-02-05
What a bunch of soy boys.

Space Odin - 2018-02-05
I genuinely like fried tofu. Sometimes I fry up the tofu in bacon grease. I don't know what that makes me.

Probably a fat faggot.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-02-05
>>>OZ: Do you honestly and for real think that there is a significant number of people out there who voted for Trump because of "meme magic" and unironically want to round up all the minorities and kill them just to get a reaction out of people that annoy them on the left?

Define "significant".

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-02-05
>>>OZ: Do you honestly and for real think that there is a significant number of people out there who voted for Trump because of "meme magic" and unironically want to round up all the minorities and kill them just to get a reaction out of people that annoy them on the left?

Define "significant".

Space Odin - 2018-02-05
Nothing's funnier to me than "Western/European chauvinist" because for centuries now nobody tried harder to kill the ever-loving fuck out of one another than Europeans.

Let's take a trip to the Balkans.

Gmork - 2018-02-05
"You're lumping me and lots of other people into the "alt-right" label who really don't belong there because we [snip] would criticize anything you deem progressive."

Cena_mark's idea of what progressive is shouldn't be that difficult to agree with if you have some basic human decency. Me and him actually see eye to eye on a lot of stuff. Especially in this thread.

If you can find an example of what he deems progressive that you take issue with, then an actual conversation might be able to take place here.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2018-02-03
Back in my day, memes stood for something.
Cena_mark - 2018-02-03
The soy boy thing does attempt to stand up for things. It stands for MRA, Masculinist, SQW garbage.

memedumpster - 2018-02-03
Good sir, I stand only for standing!

Five for DQ setting me up to knock it down.

oddeye - 2018-02-03
that body builder looked pretty effeminate
Marlon Brawndo - 2018-02-04
He's one of two identical twins (the Hodge twins) that give exercise tutorials.


betamaxed - 2018-02-04
Instead of eating tide pides the kids should challenge each other to contests involving driking full costco sized cans of kikkoman.
SolRo - 2018-02-04
don't tempt me. I've nursed a good portion of a bottle of soy sauce one time I didn't have anything to eat.

Juice Eggs McKenna - 2018-02-04
If you put enough soy sauce on it, anything can be a food!

casualcollapse - 2019-06-16
there is a video by chubbyemu where a guy did just that and almost fucking died, he may have actually died I can't remember. Always five stars for hbomberguy

Monkey Napoleon - 2018-02-04
Space Odin - 2018-02-04
Watching this makes me want to put the gun in my mouth

Watching this wants me to put the gun in other mouths more
Space Odin - 2018-02-04
Oh shit, Paul Joseph Twatson showed up.
Cena_mark - 2018-02-04
It was his video that inspired this retort.

Space Odin - 2018-02-04
I admittedly was skimming.

I think my favorite PJW moment was when he was going off about how Britain "never experienced mass migrations before the 19th and 20th centuries (i.e. when the Wogs and Pakis started showing up).

Note that he wasn't writing that in Welsh, so make of it what you will.

Maggot Brain - 2018-02-04
Say, ya'll guys! What do call a Russian soy-boy?

Soyuz Boy!

I earned these stars, damn it!
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-02-05
Paul Joseph Watson, The Science Guy
Space Odin - 2018-02-05
Seriously, one of the horrible things about this media age is the rise of these new sweaty hucksters.

I actually overheard someone I know saying "oh shit, I'm sad because SARGON OF AKKAD and Thunderfoot are beefing."

Fucking Hell, it makes me want to look up the Aum Shinrikyo guy to see if he has any fucking gas left over.

Space Odin - 2018-02-05
And I hate myself more because I know who all these guys are :(

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-02-07
The worst thing about Paul Joseph Watson is the way he uses his accent and his cadence as if he was saying something brilliant and hilarious. But he's really not.

Soy boys.
SOY boys.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-02-05
I love how HBomberGuy occasionally refers to "SJWs" as "S-Jews" That's just perfect.
simon666 - 2018-02-06
Someone say "soy boy" 5 times fast.
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